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New York Times Leveraging Twitter As A Content Database

Tweet Instead of building our own system, we asked reporters to post their updates to Twitter and use hashtags to associate each update with a race. It’s very cool that the New York Times found a way to use someone else’s platform to not only churn out updates, but also store and pull in information […]

Twitter Changing The Way It ReTweets

Tweet TechCrunch has some details of the changes we can expect to see to the mechanics of the ReTweet and even has some screen shots of how this could look on Twitter (the site): From the looks of it, this could mean some pretty big changes on Twitter. As you can see in the mock-ups […]

NFL Loses Control Of The Message

Tweet According to the Washington Post, Twitter is allowing the players in camp to send out the message, not the Powers That Be in the NFL. For the first time, fans aren’t dependent on media reports for training camp updates. Players themselves are divulging certain details, from the humorous to the inconsequential, using Twitter feeds. […]

Twitter Crackdown

Tweet Did your follow count just drop? I received an email from @tless that I’d lost 60 followers on Twitter. I’m not really phased by that, since I don’t really put much stock in how many people are following me. I mean, I want followers, but I only want quality followers who are engaging. According […]

A Glimpse Inside Twitter

Tweet Techcrunch has published some of the internal documents from Twitter they received. As they put it, Twitter isn’t exactly happy about this, but they’ve put this info out there with their approval. Lots of great info there about their relationships with Google, Facebook and Microsoft. I’ve only had a chance to skim over it […]

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Tweet It will be tweeted 130 characters at a time on Twitter. Matt Stewart is tweeting an entire novel on the French Revolution. A pretty cool thing to start on Bastille Day. He says the book has been shopped to several publishers already, but none bit on it. So why not publish it on Twitter? […]

Blogs Still Chasing Mainstream Media

Tweet Kirk Lapointe has some interesting results from a Cornell Study As for the notion that the blogosphere originates stories that mainstream then adopts, the study found that only 3.5 per cent of stories started in social media. I’ll buy that. I think what the blogosphere, and especially Twitter, does best is disperse the information. […]

Twitter For Dummies?

Tweet I’m not a big fan of any of the “for Dummies” or “for Idiots” books. I’m not an idiot (ok, that’s open for debate), and I’d imagine most people who are can’t glean much knowledge from any book, no matter how dumbed down it is. But Twitter For Dummies just makes me laugh. I […]

Verification Vs. Speed Of A Breaking News Story

Tweet Blogs like TMZ and social media powerhouse Twitter may have broken the story of Michael Jackson’s death but the reality is that even the most casual news junkie wanted confirmation from an established journalism institution. Simon Owens explains and shows Google Trend goodness on how this went down last week regarding the death of […]

Aaron Brown Is Not A Fan Of Twitter

Tweet I don’t think Brown gets Twitter and he’s more than all right with that. “It still seems more self-indulgent than relevant, but oddly, that’s what a lot of journalism is these days.” Well, yeah, there is truth there as well. Personally, I like Aaron Brown and I appreciate his candor.


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