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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Tweet Trace isn’t going to mention it here, but something happened over the last couple of days that we’d be silly not to recognize. She broke a national story over at her own blog, Newscoma. The details of the story, the discussion over the issues, etc.–we’ll leave that over to her blog where it belongs. […]

What If … ?

Tweet Jack Lail has an interesting conversation in an early morning post regarding sharing content which expands upon this story in the Memphis Flyer. I’ll let him tell you. The news about a content sharing agreement between Tennessee’s four largest newspapers brought some fascinating Twitter comments from Jay Rosen, the influential New York University journalism […]

Tennessee’s Four Dailies To Share Content

Tweet From the Memphis Flyer: Representatives of the four largest newspapers of Tennessee — Nashville’s Tennessean, Memphis’ Commercial Appeal, Chattanooga Times-Free Press and Knoxville’s News Sentinel — met Feb. 4, 2009, to explore opportunities to cooperate to leverage their resources. During the discussion, all agreed that readers would be best served if the papers found […]

Better Journalism After The Death of Print

Tweet With a tip of the hat to KnoxViews, there is this post today from Jim Stovall, who talks about the changes in journalism. We who contemplate the importance of journalism look at the future with trepidation. What happens to journalism, we ask, when newspapers continue on their inevitable decline? The question assumes that journalism […]

Blogger Perspective Of ONA Forum

Tweet Ken Marrero of Tennessee’s News Platoon and author of Blue Collar Muse gives his perspective of last week’s Online News Association’s seminar. Because while the seminar wasn’t aimed at bloggers per se, it made great strides in welcoming and appointing bloggers to their rightful place in news and reporting – in journalism. While the […]

Collaborative Efforts

Tweet Would this work? The Ash spills got me thinking about this even more. There was a blogger who was going to head over to Kingston to do some coverage and I vaguely recall that they were paper-affiliated. Anyway, so they’re over there and so are other small paper folks and it occurred to me. Twitter & […]

Black Balloons Hang In Commercial Appeal Offices

Tweet Black balloons and cupcakes in the offices of the Commercial Appeal. In mourning six-years of not having a cost-of-living raise, and five without a contract, black balloons floated in the offices of Memphis’ only daily newspaper. Image Credit: TheoGeo

“What Is The Value Of News?”

Tweet From my buddy, Cup of Joe Powell who has worked in the news biz himself and knows a thing or three. What role will the news biz take in the next decade? What does the public need and use from reporting? Reporters have been poorly paid historically, and bloggers do much with zero pay, […]

Can You Help A Journalist Out?

Tweet And this is how the Internet can be of great value for journalists. From Pesky Fly in Memphis who is headed to Kingston to cover the Coal Ash Spill. Well, if not for the weather and automotive issues I’d be on my way to Kingston, TN right now. As it stands I’ll be leaving […]


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