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Success In The New News Industry

Tweet I’ve been kicking around an idea after reading the book Outliers: The Story of Success. One of the major themes of the book is that success doesn’t come just from having raw talent or outworking the competition. Successful people usually have talent, work ethic, AND are able to put them to use to become […]

YouTube Reporters’ Center

Tweet Here’s a pretty cool service being launched on YouTube to help citizen journalists with tips and videos. I can imagine there are lots of great ideas there for those with a journalism background as well! I’m more of a reader than a video watcher myself, but this is a great potential way to catch […]

Journalism Is Not Dead

Tweet I was watching an online conversation on Twitter yesterday about the NFL players whose boat capsized and the rescue attempt to find them. XarkGirl made the comment that she had told her coworkers in the newsroom that she saw the story break on Twitter (which is were I saw it as well) and their […]

Widening A Newspaper’s Reach

Tweet The Tennessean has an editorial on social media from Mark Silverman. Most important, you’re now becoming your own editor. You can weigh the information our reporters develop, along with information provided by all of these other sources. You can mine the databases we post to dig deeply into issues. And, you can trade information […]

A City Without A Daily Newspaper

Tweet Patrick Beeson tipped us to this two-part story at NPR about the impact of a city losing their daily newspaper. In cities around the country, such as Atlanta and San Francisco, the major newspaper in town is losing money. Financial analysts say they expect some big dailies to fold, perhaps as soon as this […]

Wired Gives A Bad Review For Technology In The White House

Tweet The Wired Blog Network says it’s more tired than wired. What say you? As I’m the NewsZilla portion of this blog, I’ll let you guys (and Sadcox) take this one.

Rabbit Ears

Tweet Wait! This happened to me as well as countless others. Millions of cubicle dwellers across the country helped set records for Internet traffic on Tuesday as they watched online video of the inauguration ceremonies — or at least tried to. The overwhelming demand meant that some Web sites and data networks had trouble keeping […]

Questions For Sadcox: The Little Things

Tweet I have tried to be as transparent as possible in regards to my lack, and blinding fear, of online technology. I think I’m better than the average bear in some respects and completely incompetent in others. I believe that some of us, and it doesn’t matter if you are a journalist or not, let […]

How to Break a Story Live on YOUR Blog

Tweet Ok, this is the kind of stuff I absolutely love. A reader asks a question about a project he’s doing with some students, and we’re able to use that to show professional journalists how to cover a story in real time on a blog with a mobile phone. Reader Dan writes: A small group […]

A Question For Sadcox

Tweet I admit it.I’m not very confident when it comes to doing things online. It’s doesn’t always jive with my comfort zone. I’ve killed a template more than once, I still can’t figure out how to put my flickr pictures on my personal blog in the sidebar (it worked before I started hosting my domain) […]


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