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Blogs Still Chasing Mainstream Media

Tweet Kirk Lapointe has some interesting results from a Cornell Study As for the notion that the blogosphere originates stories that mainstream then adopts, the study found that only 3.5 per cent of stories started in social media. I’ll buy that. I think what the blogosphere, and especially Twitter, does best is disperse the information. […]

Post Of The Week

Tweet Jim Voorhies gives about the best advice I’ve read in awhile to companies as well as politicians. Yep, I’m writing you a letter just like I did REI when they screwed up. Some of you are already doing it. You’re ignoring the new media “opportunities.” And you’re getting sliced and diced out there. Politicians […]

Twitter A Bigger Threat Than Blogs To Newspapers?

Tweet Here’s an interesting opinion piece in the Miami Herald on the difficulties newspaper management is having with social media, especially Twitter. On one hand, they want to encourage engagement. On the other hand, they don’t want to give away the store. Not only has that horse left the barn, but the barn is burning […]

She Is Right You Know

Tweet Cathy at Domestic Psychology has a winner. I won’t spoil it for you, just go there. And she was spot on about the new Star Trek too. Just saying.

University Blogging

Tweet A comprehensive breakdown from Nathan at Compassion in Politics on social media in a university setting. From HR to marketing to networking, social media is revolutionizing how we communicate with each other. Whether you represent your universities marketing department or perhaps a law school or business school department, its imperative that you start engaging […]

You Need A Web Guru

Tweet And I can’t help but agree. The web has fast become the most efficient tool for building interactions and relationships between the world and your business. No matter if you are a national brand or a fresh startup, using the web successfully is vital to your success. It is the ultimate marketing tool, we […]

‘It’s Because I’m Listening’

Tweet From Summer Huggins at Hammock: Statesman editors witnessed the power of social media during Hurricane Ike in September 2008. Robert created a Twitter account specifically for tracking the hurricane, an account that also pointed followers to the Statesman‘s coverage of the storm online, generating more than 300,000 hits from Twitter alone. Robert joked that […]

Have You Established Your Audience?

Tweet Jay Deragon asks the question. Everyone is either chasing, participating in or gathering an audience.  Having an audience fulfills many different purposes.  Whether two or three people or millions, unless your a monk your engaging with audiences everyday. Historically media has chased audiences to attract them to propositions aimed at gaining or creating economic […]

Hiring A Social Media Expert

Tweet Katie Allison Granju breaks down the title of a social media consultant. In other words, if a social media consultant’s only interest in and experience with the field comes as a result of trying to earn a living off of telling other people how to do this thing, well, I would see that as […]

What Is Your Definition Of Social Media?

Tweet The question of the day is I’d like to hear from our readers their definition of social media. I keep hearing different definitions, and I find that a lot of people are utilizing the term, social media strategist, as their job description. What is your definition of social media and what do you think […]


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