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Almost Famous

Tweet Not bad advice at all from Seth Godin. Being a familiar name takes you miles closer to closing a sale. People like to buy from companies they’ve heard of. It turns out that this is an overlooked benefit of banner ads. Banner ads are fairly worthless in terms of generating clickthroughs… you have to […]

Jack Lail on Newspapers and Tribes

Tweet The whole issue in summary… Forget pay walls, micropayments, free content, secular or cyclical advertising, antiquated business models and practices, the Internet, print-centric thinking or any other of the seemingly endless list of factors adversely affecting newspapers. Click through for all you really need to know.

A Wandering Generality Instead of a Meaningful Specific

Tweet Check out this amazing interview with Seth Godin outside of the TED conference. How does one guy touch on so many great ideas in such a short time frame? One of the important points here for journalists I think is the possibilities the web presents to do “your thing” and be the best at […]

The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

Tweet Seth Godin explains the difference between marketing and advertising. I’ve seen this mistake happen time and time again. Both concepts are different. Marketing is not the same as advertising. Advertising is a tiny slice of what marketing is today, and in fact, it’s pretty clear that the marketing has to come before the product, […]

Yeah, What He Said

Tweet Remarkable is a choice. Seth Godin

Stick With The New Stuff!

Tweet Seth Godin on what to do when the new tools aren’t working for you: Either you are on the path of the TV Industrial complex, and you’re prepared to promote and spam and spend and make average stuff for average people… or you are busy embracing the new media for everything it can offer. […]

What We Can Learn From the New York Times

Tweet Seth Godin wrote this post about the struggles of the New York Times and what we can learn from them. Sure, it’s an old post (at least a month and a half old), but it has some advice and thinking that is going to be relevant for a long time, especially in the new […]


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