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A Glimpse Inside Twitter

Tweet Techcrunch has published some of the internal documents from Twitter they received. As they put it, Twitter isn’t exactly happy about this, but they’ve put this info out there with their approval. Lots of great info there about their relationships with Google, Facebook and Microsoft. I’ve only had a chance to skim over it […]

Is Twitter Really Killing RSS?

Tweet I saw this TechCrunch article (in my RSS reader) and found it very entertaining. Gillmor makes some good points, and even if you don’t agree that it’s over for RSS, it’s well-written and humorous. About Twitter: There, RSS items are fed into aggregators and husked for their behavioral signals, packaged as Tweets and sold […]

Changing the RSS Button in the Address Bar

Tweet One of our readers, Megan, asked an excellent question in the comments last week about changing the RSS subscribe button in the Firefox toolbar to point to the feed she’d set up in Feedburner for her WordPress site. Wow…I realized after I figured out what she was asking that I’d never paid much attention […]

Do You Really Need FeedBurner?

Tweet Yesterday a friend of mine was setting up a new site, and he had some questions about using FeedBurner. The biggest question for him was why he really needed it. That’s actually a reasonable question considering his WordPress theme already had the RSS subscription buttons to the site’s feed included. Isn’t it easier to […]

You’re Having Problems With Feedburner This Week Too?

Tweet You are not alone… Google is in the process of making all FeedBurner users migrate over to its servers. One can only hope that will end these recurring issues, but there’s little reason to believe that will be the case. After all, the migration process itself created an error the other day, one that […]

RSS–Full Feeds or Partial Feeds (Again)

Tweet I was about 80% finished with this post…had about 300 words or so written. It was the same old post you’ve read over and over about whether or not you should provide full feeds or partial feeds. I even had a twist thrown in that related directly to journalists. My thesis was going to […]

How to Break a Story Live on YOUR Blog

Tweet Ok, this is the kind of stuff I absolutely love. A reader asks a question about a project he’s doing with some students, and we’re able to use that to show professional journalists how to cover a story in real time on a blog with a mobile phone. Reader Dan writes: A small group […]

Making RSS Your Friend–Burning Multiple Feeds

Tweet If you’ve set up RSS feeds on your site, which most blogging and content management platforms do for you, you may want to take the next step by offering multiple custom feeds from your site. If you check out the bottom right sidebar, you’ll see that we’ve done that here, setting up feeds for […]

Making RSS Your Best Friend — Reading

Tweet If you’ve ever seen this little symbol that seems to be everywhere on the web and wondered what it was for, this is the article for you. There’s a lot to say about RSS (Real Simple Syndication) with regards to writing feeds, handling multiple feeds, monetizing feeds, etc.  But if you’re reading this article […]


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