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Know Your Rights As A Photographer

Tweet Chad McClarnon has a story about a photographer from New York City that was arrested for taking a photograph of a train. I want to spotlight his post because he has a comprehensive listing of links that photographers’ rights as well as knowing what you can and can’t do when taking pictures including privacy […]

Are You Archiving Your Work?

Tweet Beth at Design Drama did. Anyway, in a box in the back of my closet, I found a box with stuff from college. Inside, I found slides and photo negatives of stuff I’d done in Drawing I & II and Design I & II. Somehow, back then I had a wise professor that had […]

Hudson River Crash Coverage

Tweet Kottke followed citizen journalists covering yesterday’s airplane crash in the Hudson River and the Flickr stream shows photos taken from professional photographers to people on the scene. It goes without saying that you always need your camera handy. Yahoo and Reuters are launching a new service which could turn the millions of people with […]

Photography And Citizen Journalism

Tweet Jack Lail writes of some of the animosity that sometimes happens in the blogosphere over trends in news media. Lail, however, writes about more than that. He discusses folks finding their way. He writes about Glenn Reynolds and Craig Newmark: It is ludicrous to suggest — as people nonetheless have — that either Craig […]

Visuals First

Tweet From a blog new to me called A Little News. The traditional model for news gathering has always been words first and then visuals supporting and it has worked for decades, a century really. Even the vaunted New York Times which was traditionally known as the “Gray Lady” for her dependence on the written […]


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