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Micropayments Revisted

Tweet Les Jones weighs in at his site and at No Silence here. I predict that journalists who lose their newspaper jobs are likely to continue practicing journalism to the extent their personal finances allow. People go into journalism because they want their voices heard. Being paid to have their voices heard was just a […]

In Defense Of Memes

Tweet So, there is a movement this week about the dreaded meme and how these things kill kittens and that they are navel gazing. Of course memes are navel gazing. This is the Internet. Memes can be  good for journalists. Not writing them necessarily, but reading them. Jane Devin addressed the issue on Facebook meme’s […]

Definition For A Citizen Journalist

Tweet Ron Sylvester finds a very good definition for a citizen journalist: The business of big media is watching their stocks fall, while watching the rise of citizen journalists. But what is a citizen journalist, and what makes them different from professional journalists. Even SPJ, the largest organization of professional journalists, struggles for that definition. […]

Advice From Wired To Google

Tweet Wired has some advice for Google on the newspaper industry. While the New York Times was given an early death sentence this week by The Atlantic, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was asked by Fortune magazine what Google should do to save the ailing newspaper industry. He reiterated his previous “moral imperative” sentiment to do […]

Glocal News

Tweet Well, this is surprising, yet I’m not really as shocked as I should be. Pasadena Now, a small weekly, fired its entire editorial staff and farmed out coverage to a staff of Indian writers recruited on Craigslist. Publisher James McPherson pays the virtual staff about $7.50 per 1,000 words, compared to the $30,000 to […]


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