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The Smell Of Newsprint

Tweet Katie Allison Granju writes about how newspapers have shaped her life. As the third generation of a family of journalists, she tells the tale. I still believe in real journalism. The business model that built the newspapers shutting down today will no longer support that kind of journalism, and the new model isn’t completely clear yet. But […]

News In A State Of Emergency?

Tweet Gary Kamiya argues that subsidizing the newspaper industry may be the only way to save the integrity of gritty news coverage. His opinion piece is at Salon. But the real problem isn’t that newspapers may be doomed. I would be severely disheartened if I was forced to abandon my morning ritual of sitting on […]

A City Without A Daily Newspaper

Tweet Patrick Beeson tipped us to this two-part story at NPR about the impact of a city losing their daily newspaper. In cities around the country, such as Atlanta and San Francisco, the major newspaper in town is losing money. Financial analysts say they expect some big dailies to fold, perhaps as soon as this […]

Single-Copy Press Runs Up Day After Inauguration

Tweet This week, regardless of political convictions, has been huge for this country. A new president has been sworn in and it’s been very off to see that although the Internet proved invaluable on Tuesday to follow the day’s events, it’s the newspapers who won on Wednesday. Newspapers that saw skyrocketing demand for extra copies […]

Newsprint Costs Heading Up

Tweet From the Reflections of a Newsosaur: Profit-pinched newspapers trying to save money by cutting back on the newsprint they consume will be hammered by a 23% increase in the cost of whatever paper they do buy this year, fears one analyst. If Paul Ginocchio of Deutsche Bank is right, newspapers that already have trimmed […]

Yeah, What He Said

Tweet In our ongoing chapter of a new series that I just decided today, I think I’ll call this one: Yeah, what he said.


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