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Some Results From The Slate Experiment

Tweet We told you about this experiment at Slate a couple of days ago. The idea is to have one group of people limit themselves to the web and one group to limit themselves to newspapers. After a couple of days, who would feel better informed. Here’s a case for newspapers from one of the […]

The Rat’s Getting Fatter, But The Tail’s Getting Longer

Tweet Matthew Hindman contends that the web is actually consolidating news around just a few sources. Even though it’s easy for anyone to publish, users’ tendencies to click on one of the first few links returned by Google means that it’s becoming more and more difficult to attract readers. The numbers back up what he […]

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Tweet Trace isn’t going to mention it here, but something happened over the last couple of days that we’d be silly not to recognize. She broke a national story over at her own blog, Newscoma. The details of the story, the discussion over the issues, etc.–we’ll leave that over to her blog where it belongs. […]

One Day As An Intern

Tweet Frannie Boyle went to work as an intern at The Philadelphia Bulletin. By the end of the day, the paper was gone. So people are saying that print journalism is seeing its last days. I never would have disagreed with that point, but I also never would have thought that I’d actually be standing […]

Bigwigs Discussing Paid Content For Newspapers?

Tweet This sounds like a business meeting, probably not having much to do with journalism. It’s probably not much different than record executives or movie moguls meeting to try to curb piracy or discuss delivery models for their products. But it’s still worth noting. Hopefully they’ll remember that the customer is their friend, not their […]

Twitter A Bigger Threat Than Blogs To Newspapers?

Tweet Here’s an interesting opinion piece in the Miami Herald on the difficulties newspaper management is having with social media, especially Twitter. On one hand, they want to encourage engagement. On the other hand, they don’t want to give away the store. Not only has that horse left the barn, but the barn is burning […]

G’s Up, Newspapers Down

Tweet “G” = Google in this case. Jack Lail tweeted a link to this video of Google’s Eric Schmidt. You can check out the video here, but make sure you click over and read Steve Outing’s comments on it as they are insightful.

Quote Of The Day

Tweet From John Robinson on newspapers. We aren’t really supposed to be popular. We are supposed to chronicle the life of the community and help people to participate best in their democracy. Sometimes, these things make you unpopular.

What Goes Into Designing a News Site?

Tweet Here’s a great post I saw linked on Twitter by @patrickbeeson. It describes the thought process that went into the redesign of the Evansville Courier & Press, a Scripps paper. The new site presents readers with links to related content at the end of each story – where readers have finished with one task […]

Preparing For Life After Newspapers

Tweet I’m one of the lucky ones because I still have a job. So many journalists right now have been laid off, furloughed, bought out or are sitting on the cusp that it’s hard to keep up with the magnitude of it all. When this is your chosen profession, for some of us, it’s like […]


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