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Journalists: Drink Alcohol

Tweet Jessica gives advice at Journalism Rants and Raves on things to consider if you are in the news business. #1: Drink Alcohol. Big newspapers are not always better than small newspapers, but they are usually more tolerable places to work. The most important thing to look at in any prospective employer is its track […]

Business Cards Joining Dead Dinosaurs?

Tweet Jack Lail has the scoop. Here’s hoping newspapers don’t go away before business cards. And no, I don’t believe newspapers are killing polar bears to any greater degree than text messages, either. But business cards, that’s another question. He has a poll up asking the question if business cards are old school. I haven’t […]

Widening A Newspaper’s Reach

Tweet The Tennessean has an editorial on social media from Mark Silverman. Most important, you’re now becoming your own editor. You can weigh the information our reporters develop, along with information provided by all of these other sources. You can mine the databases we post to dig deeply into issues. And, you can trade information […]

The Last Newspaper

Tweet This, my friends, is brilliant. He reminded his rapt audience that what they now refer to as “content” used to be called “stories,” delivered by trained individuals known as “storytellers” and “journalists.” These people didn’t work for companies like Google or Amazon as they do now, culling “content” from armies of information aggregators and […]

POLL: Where Do You Get Your News

Tweet Where Do You Get Your News? ( surveys)


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