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BNO’s Plan To Monetize As An Aggregator

Tweet This may ruffle just a few feathers *cough* AP *cough*. Breaking News Online is releasing an iPhone app ($1.99) and plans to charge a $.99 per month subscription fee to use it. The company is going to monetize its research flow, editorial judgment, distribution channels…and links to other peoples’ content. If BNO is successful, […]

Looking For New Opportunities

Tweet In a story at the Huffington Post, Jennifer West talks about losing her job as an editor and a new journey she is taking. West’s story is similar to other journalists who have become unemployed. Although she has opted to go back to school, she says she’s out of the news business for good […]

Wearing The Inner Fedora And Getting The Scoop

Tweet The world of news is continually changing. A testament would be to the social media networks covering the death of Michael Jackson. The thing to remember though is that even with the instant nature of breaking news (which is still being touted 16 hours later on CNN as I type this) that we have […]

Evolving Because We Don’t Have A Choice

Tweet The news continues to be bad for many journalists so I keep trying to find the good ones. As a person that is still on the cusp of whether or not she will have a job by the end of the year, it’s disheartening to always see bad news. I had trouble finding any […]

Google News Timeline – Visual News Rerpresentation

Tweet Want to see a cool blend of news and technology? Check out the Google News Timeline, which was demo’d at Googlelabs Press Event today. Very cool visual representation of news over time. Here comes the future. I can’t wait to play with this. TechCrunch has more

Finding The Business Model For Online News

Tweet By Trace Sharp The biggest news of the week probably is the online conversation that news outlets are contemplating charging for their online content. This is not a new concept and has been discussed repeatedly for years, but the issue is finding a business model that works. The industry has to contemplate selling their […]

Journalism Is Not Dead

Tweet I was watching an online conversation on Twitter yesterday about the NFL players whose boat capsized and the rescue attempt to find them. XarkGirl made the comment that she had told her coworkers in the newsroom that she saw the story break on Twitter (which is were I saw it as well) and their […]

Where Do You Get Your News?

Tweet Klaus Holzapfel gives a comprehensive list about communication vs. journalism. This is a list of all lists. Blogs and micro-blogs have greatly enhanced my communication: I can reach out, I can share, comment, learn etc. Here is what they can’t do: They will not replace papers and magazines as my #1 resource of information. […]

First Impressions From The ONA Forum

Tweet The Online News Association’s conference on Friday at the Freedom Forum in Nashville was not only a wonderful resource regarding the future of where journalism is headed, but in many ways it was a blogger meetup. Remember those words. I can recall going to other journalism conferences where online endeavors were only discussed with […]

A 1981 Primitive Internet Report On KRON

Tweet This is hysterical. Doesn’t matter if you are in news or not. H/T Mark Van Patten at The Newspaper Business Blog


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