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New York Time iPad App…Oops!

Tweet From NetworkWorld: Many, if not most iPad subscribers have been unable to access Times articles since Friday, when an update pushed through Apple’s App Store rendered the application unable to display content. Four days is a lifetime in the digital world. Having a problem that long is not a good sign. HT @JimMacMillan

New York Times Leveraging Twitter As A Content Database

Tweet Instead of building our own system, we asked reporters to post their updates to Twitter and use hashtags to associate each update with a race. It’s very cool that the New York Times found a way to use someone else’s platform to not only churn out updates, but also store and pull in information […]

Yeah, About All That Stuff You Wrote

Tweet Want to hear a really weird reason why a newspaper could have trouble generating revenue online? Deleting content could possibly do that to you… The Web sites of the two newspapers merged about a month ago, with the archives of the IHT being consumed into The NY Times. Consumed is the operative word because […]

Hyperlocal Web Sites Deliver News

Tweet But according to the New York Times, they deliver news without delivering news. The Grey Lady also thinks these sites are an untapped market. Of course, like traditional media, the hyperlocal sites have to find a way to bring in sufficient revenue to support their business. And so far, they have had only limited […]

No One Wants The Demise Of Newspapers

Tweet And the New York Times is talking about it. At least Denver, Seattle and Tucson still have daily papers. But now, some economists and newspaper executives say it is only a matter of time — and probably not much time at that — before some major American city is left with no prominent local […]

NYT Blog Network Announced

Tweet The New York Times Expected To Launch Local Blog Network On Monday. …the local blog network will be filled with content from the paper’s editors (one for each site) but also rely partially on citizen journalism i.e. unpaid contributions from locals readers who will be able to post everything from short video clips to […]

NY Times Commercial Parody

Tweet This ad for 92YTribeca by Michael Showalter is funny. I don’t care who you are. The ad features Todd Barry, Zak Orth, Jon Benjamin, Mike Birbiglia, Andrea Rosen, Mike Black, Jordan Carlos, David Wain, Kate Comer, Shonali Blahnik, Jaqueline Novak, David Wain, Eugene Mirman, Paul Rudd, Leo Allen and Michael Ian Black among others. […]

NYT’s Room For Debate Is Open

Tweet If you want to talk about recent layoffs, this just might be the place to go and express yourself. The economy lost 524,000 jobs in December, raising the unemployment rate to 7.2 percent. More than 10 million Americans are now unemployed. Many more millions of Americans worry about their own job security. These anxieties […]

Advice From Wired To Google

Tweet Wired has some advice for Google on the newspaper industry. While the New York Times was given an early death sentence this week by The Atlantic, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was asked by Fortune magazine what Google should do to save the ailing newspaper industry. He reiterated his previous “moral imperative” sentiment to do […]

The Grey Lady

Tweet The Daily Beast spotlights a new book about the front pages of the New York Times over the years. Peter Osnos says it shows the best of the NYT and what is good about newspapers. As an artifact for a history buff, it is worth every penny. The immediacy of next day coverage of […]


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