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Post Of The Week

Tweet Jim Voorhies gives about the best advice I’ve read in awhile to companies as well as politicians. Yep, I’m writing you a letter just like I did REI when they screwed up. Some of you are already doing it. You’re ignoring the new media “opportunities.” And you’re getting sliced and diced out there. Politicians […]

In Defense Of Memes

Tweet So, there is a movement this week about the dreaded meme and how these things kill kittens and that they are navel gazing. Of course memes are navel gazing. This is the Internet. Memes can be  good for journalists. Not writing them necessarily, but reading them. Jane Devin addressed the issue on Facebook meme’s […]

How To Make Blogging Pay

Tweet I’m not even going to do a pull quote here. Just go read Katie Allison Granju’s blog right now.

Pimping NewsTechZilla-ktownlowdown Style

Tweet A review and interview with Trace Sharp (newscoma) and Scott Adcox (sadcox) at KtownLowDown courtesy of the site’s kind host, Svandyke. Here’s a snippet: Being familiar with the bloggers that founded NTZ, one is personal friend and helped me start KTOWNLOWDOWN (sadcox/Scott) and the other was someone I had been reading for some time […]

Questions For Sadcox: The Little Things

Tweet I have tried to be as transparent as possible in regards to my lack, and blinding fear, of online technology. I think I’m better than the average bear in some respects and completely incompetent in others. I believe that some of us, and it doesn’t matter if you are a journalist or not, let […]

Pimping NewsTechZilla

Tweet Well, if we don’t, no one will. NewsTechZilla received a wonderful write-up about this new endeavor in the Knoxville News Sentinel in the Sunday edition. Here’s what Michael Silence wrote about us: Two Tennessee bloggers, one a journalist and the other a techie, are launching a Web site for citizen journalists and others who […]

Twitter Used In War Opinion

Tweet Robert Scoble is reporting that Twitter has taken on a new dynamic. The focus: the war between Israel and Gaza. Israel and Gaza are going at it on Twitter (and in real life, as reported over on news site Memeorandum). Shel Israel reports. When one thinks about the relevance of Twitter in the news, […]

Uber Blog ’09

Tweet There’s a great post over at The Inquisitr predicting 2009 will be the year we’ll see consolidation in blogging with the trend being the grouping of smaller blogs under larger “uber blogs”. Most notably for those coming from old media: The rise of the uber blog will also mark the beginning of the time […]


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