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BNO’s Plan To Monetize As An Aggregator

Tweet This may ruffle just a few feathers *cough* AP *cough*. Breaking News Online is releasing an iPhone app ($1.99) and plans to charge a $.99 per month subscription fee to use it. The company is going to monetize its research flow, editorial judgment, distribution channels…and links to other peoples’ content. If BNO is successful, […]

Bigwigs Discussing Paid Content For Newspapers?

Tweet This sounds like a business meeting, probably not having much to do with journalism. It’s probably not much different than record executives or movie moguls meeting to try to curb piracy or discuss delivery models for their products. But it’s still worth noting. Hopefully they’ll remember that the customer is their friend, not their […]

Time on Saving Newspapers

Tweet Great Time article with ideas on paid content. Lots of other stuff there too–long article, but worth the read. Ironically, it’s free. 🙂 There is, however, a striking and somewhat odd fact about this crisis. Newspapers have more readers than ever. Their content, as well as that of newsmagazines and other producers of traditional […]

Blogging: The Modern Day Letter To The Editor

Tweet By Trace Sharp Joe Powell has been a reporter and a blogger. His perspective on this medium can be found at his blog, Cup Of Joe Powell and he has sat on both sides of the aisle. Blogging (and bloggers such as my humble self) in general often remind me of the character of […]

Selling Out Or Profiting From One’s Passion?

Tweet From one of the first bloggers I can remember reading, an overview of why he’s monetizing in a response to this post. If anything, Ernie is telling it like it is regarding ads online with transparency. What killed this?  Jealousy.  Jealousy in that you see other people around you doing similar stuff, and then […]

All Voices

Tweet How’s this for enthusiasm. World events concern you? Sports excite you? Entertainment’s your thing? Environment is your passion? Politics is your forte? Have a zeal for Technology? Want to discuss, comment, learn, rant about these and more? Blog/ Write on a site that helps you take your opinion to the world and make your […]


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