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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Tweet Trace isn’t going to mention it here, but something happened over the last couple of days that we’d be silly not to recognize. She broke a national story over at her own blog, Newscoma. The details of the story, the discussion over the issues, etc.–we’ll leave that over to her blog where it belongs. […]

The Alien News Network And A Link Dump

Tweet Been a crazy few weeks for Scott and I here at NewsTechZilla. I have been downsized as predicted and he’s been carrying much of the load. I wish to thank him and get back to bidness. Hopefully things will get back to normal. Let’s scoot around these innertubes, shall we? Reading Online Comments Shouldn’t […]

Is Your Newsroom Using Twitter? Effectively?

Tweet Before I get to anything that may come across as negative, let me say that I follow lots of people who work in at my local paper, The Knoxville New Sentinel. And there’s one huge reason I follow them… They are engaging. (I’m going to go ahead and get my #followfriday in now so […]

Associated Press Fires Off Cease And Desist Letter

Tweet And here is the kicker, the newswire told an AP affiliate not to use its videos on it’s YouTube subscription channel, which have an embed code. The saga started yesterday when Frank Strovel of WTNQ-FM 104.9 in Lafollete, Tennessee was sent a cease and desist letter from the Associated Press regarding the embedded videos […]

Media Attorneys Argue About Anonymous Comments

Tweet Here we go. Does the First Amendment apply to anonymous posters on commercial media Web sites? Do the journalistic principles employed by professional journalists apply to bloggers? Does a judge have the right to dictate a news organization’s Web policies? It doesn’t sound like fodder for courtroom debate in a capital murder case, but […]

One More Day To Register For ONA Conference

Tweet Several bigwigs in online news journalism will be holding a seminar in Nashville on Friday at Vanderbilt. Jack Lail, Christian Grantham, Michael Silence, Katie Allison Granju, Rex Hammock, Tammi Marcoullier, John Carney, Mike Sechrist, Patrick Beeson and others will be talking about the future of journalism. The keynote speaker will be Janet Coats, who […]

Yeah, What He Said

Tweet In our ongoing chapter of a new series that I just decided today, I think I’ll call this one: Yeah, what he said.

Newspaper Wins Battle Over Anonymous Comments

Tweet From The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: Another newspaper has prevailed in a court battle over the identities of people who commented anonymously on its Web site. A federal judge in Pennsylvania¬†held last month that The Pocono Record did not have to reveal the identities of several people who commented anonymously on […]

Pimping NewsTechZilla

Tweet Well, if we don’t, no one will. NewsTechZilla received a wonderful write-up about this new endeavor in the Knoxville News Sentinel in the Sunday edition. Here’s what Michael Silence wrote about us: Two Tennessee bloggers, one a journalist and the other a techie, are launching a Web site for citizen journalists and others who […]


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