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And The Blood Flows …

Tweet Chris Davis writes about the perceptions of the deaths of newspapers. When writing about the death of daily newspapers, daily newspapers usually like to blame things like the Internet, increasing aliteracy, and a loss of advertising resulting from the latest economic downturn. The complaints aren’t entirely without merit but are generally stated in a […]

The Lede Wasn’t Buried

Tweet From Richard Thompson on pay cuts for journalists in Memphis. In his Feb. 5 column for The Memphis Flyer, Bruce VanWyngarden didn’t bury the lead. “I just took an 8 percent salary cut — and so did almost everyone else here at Contemporary Media, Inc., which publishes the (Memphis) Flyer, Memphis magazine, Memphis Parent, […]

To Twitter Or Not To Twitter

Tweet Mediaverse talks about Twitter and how it can impact folks in the future. Andrews wrote the tweet, an honest impression of Memphis, while on his way to deliver some digital evangelism about social media to the good folks at FedEx on Wednesday. Someone at FedEx read it, took offense and, well, calamity ensued–online, at […]

Black Balloons Hang In Commercial Appeal Offices

Tweet Black balloons and cupcakes in the offices of the Commercial Appeal. In mourning six-years of not having a cost-of-living raise, and five without a contract, black balloons floated in the offices of Memphis’ only daily newspaper. Image Credit: TheoGeo

Can You Help A Journalist Out?

Tweet And this is how the Internet can be of great value for journalists. From Pesky Fly in Memphis who is headed to Kingston to cover the Coal Ash Spill. Well, if not for the weather and automotive issues I’d be on my way to Kingston, TN right now. As it stands I’ll be leaving […]


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