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Journalists’ Typewriters Go Silent

Tweet Photo By Adam Tinworth Journalists continue to be laid off in Tennessee this week as The Tennessean eliminated roughly 30 positions on July 9th which ranges from those reporting on the street to account execs to press operators. It’s not a new story. It’s happening to many of us and it will continue to. […]

Preparing For Life After Newspapers

Tweet I’m one of the lucky ones because I still have a job. So many journalists right now have been laid off, furloughed, bought out or are sitting on the cusp that it’s hard to keep up with the magnitude of it all. When this is your chosen profession, for some of us, it’s like […]

Life After Layoff

Tweet Jeff Jarvis points us to the story of laid-off journalist Greg Hernandez. Within a week after this layoff as a Hollywood Writer for the LA Daily News, he took his entertainment writing to a new blog and is directly competing with his former employer. Jarvis gives some sound advice. Find your niche and run […]

From The Newsroom To The Strip Club

Tweet Some journalists are taking new avenues toward success after their buyouts. Case in point Michael Precker, formerly of the Dallas Morning News: For Michael Precker, that loss of status wasn’t as grim as the fear of it. A veteran foreign correspondent and editor for the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Precker took a buyout in […]

Paper Cuts

Tweet Want to see an interactive map tracking newspaper layoffs around the country? Sure you do.

More On The Gannett Furlough

Tweet From former Tennessean columnist Tim Chavez on the Gannett layoffs. You’ve got to give Gannett some credit for this action, which it says is in lieu of layoffs. Of all the newspaper companies, Gannett was the last to lay off people. Yet, staffing levels at most Gannett newspapers were lowest for most of the […]

No Longer On The Masthead

Tweet This one hurts. If it doesn’t get you, you might be dead inside. From the wonderful blog Somewhere On The Masthead. I bring my story proposals with me, stepping into the cool, dim room and sitting down opposite the Chief. But something isn’t quite right: My supervisor, the executive editor, who always sits in […]

NYT’s Room For Debate Is Open

Tweet If you want to talk about recent layoffs, this just might be the place to go and express yourself. The economy lost 524,000 jobs in December, raising the unemployment rate to 7.2 percent. More than 10 million Americans are now unemployed. Many more millions of Americans worry about their own job security. These anxieties […]


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