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The Alien News Network And A Link Dump

Tweet Been a crazy few weeks for Scott and I here at NewsTechZilla. I have been downsized as predicted and he’s been carrying much of the load. I wish to thank him and get back to bidness. Hopefully things will get back to normal. Let’s scoot around these innertubes, shall we? Reading Online Comments Shouldn’t […]

What Category Of Commenter Are You?

Tweet This Is How We Roll asks the question and they identify three types of commenters. The Troll — Everyone knows this guy (and it’s usually a guy), who intentionally visits sites in order to stir things up, provoke a furious reaction from other posters and then disappear. Classic examples are the Free Republic types […]

Granju Moves On

Tweet Katie Allison Granju, who is a televangelist for the online movement in many ways, has a shiny new job with Ackermann PR. Katie Allison Granju is joining us full-time as Director of Social Media, and I am convinced that we have snagged the most knowledgeable person in the region relative to this emerging area.  Katie […]

Judge In Knoxville Case Questions Media Intent

Tweet From today’s Knoxville News Sentinel: (Rick) Hollow and attorney Tom McAdams, who represented WBIR-TV, Channel 10, at the hearing, argued that the judge had no legal right to deny their clients’ Internet-based readers their First Amendment right to express themselves. McAdams deemed the space allotted on media Web sites for commentary as a “giant […]

Anonymous Commenters On Trial

Tweet By Trace Sharp The issue of anonymous commenters on news web sites has hit the courtroom in Knoxville. The issue has brought up a lot of discussion on and off line about the right to remain anonymous. Katie Allison Granju and I agree on this subject. The online comments on media web sites – […]

Media Attorneys Argue About Anonymous Comments

Tweet Here we go. Does the First Amendment apply to anonymous posters on commercial media Web sites? Do the journalistic principles employed by professional journalists apply to bloggers? Does a judge have the right to dictate a news organization’s Web policies? It doesn’t sound like fodder for courtroom debate in a capital murder case, but […]

The Smell Of Newsprint

Tweet Katie Allison Granju writes about how newspapers have shaped her life. As the third generation of a family of journalists, she tells the tale. I still believe in real journalism. The business model that built the newspapers shutting down today will no longer support that kind of journalism, and the new model isn’t completely clear yet. But […]

Micropayments Revisted

Tweet Les Jones weighs in at his site and at No Silence here. I predict that journalists who lose their newspaper jobs are likely to continue practicing journalism to the extent their personal finances allow. People go into journalism because they want their voices heard. Being paid to have their voices heard was just a […]

Partnering Up

Tweet Knoxify makes the announcement of three city blogs who are joining together in Tennessee. We have partnered with Chattarati, a Chattanooga blog with a touch of narcissism, and the Nashvillest, a Music City blog, to bring you the latest news and opinions from Middle and Southeast Tennessee. I have to agree with Knoxville’s Michael Silence […]

Jack McElroy Says

Tweet From the head honcho at the Knoxville News Sentinel: There are caveats. For one thing, a newsroom needs more than just payroll to function. Still, the news is a sign that a tipping point lies ahead. The E.W. Scripps Co. has set a similar goal. We won’t hit it for a while. But projections […]


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