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Intern #3 Writes Of His Time At KNS

Tweet This is an incredible farewell written by student intern Evan Hill who has been spending time at the Knoxville News Sentinel. He writes on the blog, This Is How We Roll, about what he has learned and what is next. My questions of myself were specific. What do I have to offer journalism? How […]

Journalistic Entropy

Tweet A cool video on KNS Continuous News Editor Jigsha Desai. connected [jigsha desai] from Laura Roberson on Vimeo. I think one of the most interesting ideas Jigsha brings up is the pushing of content to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc. The goal isn’t just to provide content on the KNS site, but also to give […]

Judge In Knoxville Case Questions Media Intent

Tweet From today’s Knoxville News Sentinel: (Rick) Hollow and attorney Tom McAdams, who represented WBIR-TV, Channel 10, at the hearing, argued that the judge had no legal right to deny their clients’ Internet-based readers their First Amendment right to express themselves. McAdams deemed the space allotted on media Web sites for commentary as a “giant […]

Anonymous Commenters On Trial

Tweet By Trace Sharp The issue of anonymous commenters on news web sites has hit the courtroom in Knoxville. The issue has brought up a lot of discussion on and off line about the right to remain anonymous. Katie Allison Granju and I agree on this subject. The online comments on media web sites – […]

Pimping NewsTechZilla

Tweet Well, if we don’t, no one will. NewsTechZilla received a wonderful write-up about this new endeavor in the Knoxville News Sentinel in the Sunday edition. Here’s what Michael Silence wrote about us: Two Tennessee bloggers, one a journalist and the other a techie, are launching a Web site for citizen journalists and others who […]

Poor Ink-Stained Wretches

Tweet From the cranium of Jack Lail: But the letters published last night by the Wall Street Journal in response to the column show that quite a few of the people that read or used to read newspapers just don’t care about the fate of newspapers and just might be knowingly smiling at the prospect […]


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