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“Big Screen” Kindle Coming

Tweet Some people are calling it a lifeline for newspapers and magazines. Amazon is expected to announce it’s larger screen Kindle today designed especially for these larger publications. Now the recession-ravaged newspaper and magazine industries are hoping for their own knight in shining digital armor, in the form of portable reading devices with big screens. […]

Deep Thought

Tweet I used to find it very relaxing to sit in a clover patch and seek out a 4 leaf clover. When I’d find one, I’d stick it in the L section of the dictionary on the page that had the definition for luck. Will we have to buy two Kindles in the future to […]

I’ll Pay For That If You Do This

Tweet Russ McBee reviews his newly purchased Kindle 2 at this post at his self-titled blog. He also gives a bit of advice to his local newspaper on how they could make some money off of him. I haven’t subscribed to a daily paper in about 15 years, and I’ve never paid for a subscription […]

Stephen King Talks Kindle


Rumors Of Stephen King And Kindle Launch

Tweet CrunchGear is reporting a rumor that author Stephen King MAY be assisting the launch of a Kindle exclusive today. Later today in NYC, Amazon is expected to unveil the K2 (we’ve known this since 1/27, but welcome to the party WSJ) and with it an exclusive Stephen King novel, says the WSJ. There isn’t […]

5 Years Left for Tangible Media?

Tweet That’s what Keith Parnell is talking about. And for the record, he thinks print has a little longer than that: I agree the majority of media and communications are moving online. But not all and completely. Not in 5 years. One of the interesting points brought up in this discussion is the expansion of […]


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