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The Separation

Tweet There has to be one if you are a journalist. John Robinson explains why: I suspect every editor can tell stories about conversations with newsmakers who attempt to use their access and perceived friendship to influence coverage, which, predictably, turns out to be negative. I certainly can. I have also worked with editors who loved the access […]

YouTube Reporters’ Center

Tweet Here’s a pretty cool service being launched on YouTube to help citizen journalists with tips and videos. I can imagine there are lots of great ideas there for those with a journalism background as well! I’m more of a reader than a video watcher myself, but this is a great potential way to catch […]

First Thoughts Of An Unemployed Journalist

Tweet Your kind and gentle hostess here at NewTechZilla has taken a bit of time off from our endeavor here because the inevitable finally happened. I was downsized at my newspaper and according to my publishers, it came down to money. Scott was very kind in letting me go through the six degrees of seperation […]

Some Advice From a REAL Expert

Tweet Google guru Matt Cutts has posted a letter he wrote to a young journalist friend back in 2007. It seems like most of the advice still applies, although there’s admittedly more of a sense of urgency now than there was then. I don’t expect that sense of urgency to be waning any time soon. […]

Do Journalists Deserve Low Pay?

Tweet Did the headline grab you to? When I saw Robert G. Picard’s post titled “Why Journalists Deserve Low Pay“, it grabbed me. Remember it’s just a headline…it’s meant to grab your attention. Although you may expect this to be a hit piece on journalism, it’s actually an economic explanation of where we are and […]

Evolving Because We Don’t Have A Choice

Tweet The news continues to be bad for many journalists so I keep trying to find the good ones. As a person that is still on the cusp of whether or not she will have a job by the end of the year, it’s disheartening to always see bad news. I had trouble finding any […]

‘My Future Collapse Around Me’

Tweet Hilary Lehman writes of watching her future at a newspaper during very dark times. My internship at the Herald was not, in many ways, ideal. Four weeks into my internship, the next round of newsroom layoffs was announced. Three weeks later, they were implemented. Those three weeks were tense and quiet. The silence was […]

‘I Never Learn Anything When I Talk’

Tweet Sorry about the blogging hiatus but due to some rather wicked weather, your girl Friday here has been on this series of ‘tubes for a bit of time. All Righty then, let’s get on with it. This is EXACTLY how I feel about Twitter. Every time I go to Twitter, I find a story. […]

The Lede Wasn’t Buried

Tweet From Richard Thompson on pay cuts for journalists in Memphis. In his Feb. 5 column for The Memphis Flyer, Bruce VanWyngarden didn’t bury the lead. “I just took an 8 percent salary cut — and so did almost everyone else here at Contemporary Media, Inc., which publishes the (Memphis) Flyer, Memphis magazine, Memphis Parent, […]

Free Classes And Thinking Niche

Tweet Some very practical advice for surviving a life after journalism by Kim Pearson. To position yourself for those opportunities, you have to hone your 21st-century reporting and business skills. Let’s take the first part first. If you are laid off and gettiing unemployment, you might be able to get money for  If you aren’t […]


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