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The Alien News Network And A Link Dump

Tweet Been a crazy few weeks for Scott and I here at NewsTechZilla. I have been downsized as predicted and he’s been carrying much of the load. I wish to thank him and get back to bidness. Hopefully things will get back to normal. Let’s scoot around these innertubes, shall we? Reading Online Comments Shouldn’t […]

G’s Up, Newspapers Down

Tweet “G” = Google in this case. Jack Lail tweeted a link to this video of Google’s Eric Schmidt. You can check out the video here, but make sure you click over and read Steve Outing’s comments on it as they are insightful.

Is Your Newsroom Using Twitter? Effectively?

Tweet Before I get to anything that may come across as negative, let me say that I follow lots of people who work in at my local paper, The Knoxville New Sentinel. And there’s one huge reason I follow them… They are engaging. (I’m going to go ahead and get my #followfriday in now so […]

Business Cards Joining Dead Dinosaurs?

Tweet Jack Lail has the scoop. Here’s hoping newspapers don’t go away before business cards. And no, I don’t believe newspapers are killing polar bears to any greater degree than text messages, either. But business cards, that’s another question. He has a poll up asking the question if business cards are old school. I haven’t […]

Stop Worrying, Start Doing

Tweet From Jack Lail: I think there’s good evidence that bloggers are driving traffic to sources of original reporting, mainstream or not, so let’s put away the curmudgeon whine.

Jack Lail on Newspapers and Tribes

Tweet The whole issue in summary… Forget pay walls, micropayments, free content, secular or cyclical advertising, antiquated business models and practices, the Internet, print-centric thinking or any other of the seemingly endless list of factors adversely affecting newspapers. Click through for all you really need to know.

A Week Without Virtual Newspapers

Tweet TJ Sullivan suggests that we give up virtual newspapers for one week. The thing is that it’s ad revenue and circulation that’s whipping newspapers’ hineys but I love that he’s taking to the cyber world for the cause. His petition of blacking out suggests the petition begin July 4th. And he’s right about where […]

A Face For Radio/Blogging

Tweet Notes from the Constant Observer … Two upheavals in the citizen-generated media world: Scoopt, which sold “amateur” pics to news agencies is shutting down and right-wing blog network Pajamas Media is shuttering its blogging arm in favor of Pajamas TV (a talking-head video franchise) Tish Grier writes that “linking doesn’t translate to video” and […]

One More Day To Register For ONA Conference

Tweet Several bigwigs in online news journalism will be holding a seminar in Nashville on Friday at Vanderbilt. Jack Lail, Christian Grantham, Michael Silence, Katie Allison Granju, Rex Hammock, Tammi Marcoullier, John Carney, Mike Sechrist, Patrick Beeson and others will be talking about the future of journalism. The keynote speaker will be Janet Coats, who […]

Leave Right Now!!!

Tweet Go read Jack Lail’s post on sending visitors away from your site. Heh…like how I did that?


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