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We want Google Voice on our iPhones

Tweet Jim Voorhies calls this the best comment ever. I can’t help but agree.

A Glimpse Inside Twitter

Tweet Techcrunch has published some of the internal documents from Twitter they received. As they put it, Twitter isn’t exactly happy about this, but they’ve put this info out there with their approval. Lots of great info there about their relationships with Google, Facebook and Microsoft. I’ve only had a chance to skim over it […]

The Rat’s Getting Fatter, But The Tail’s Getting Longer

Tweet Matthew Hindman contends that the web is actually consolidating news around just a few sources. Even though it’s easy for anyone to publish, users’ tendencies to click on one of the first few links returned by Google means that it’s becoming more and more difficult to attract readers. The numbers back up what he […]

YouTube Reporters’ Center

Tweet Here’s a pretty cool service being launched on YouTube to help citizen journalists with tips and videos. I can imagine there are lots of great ideas there for those with a journalism background as well! I’m more of a reader than a video watcher myself, but this is a great potential way to catch […]

Google, SEOs, and “Intent”

Tweet Here’s a great post by Lisa Barone about what appears to be SEO profiling by Google. Apparently, Google decides whether or not bids to generate links and promote a site are “paid links” based on the intent of the person who started the viral conversation. Who decides the intent? Google of course. And it’s […]

SEO – A Five Year Plan

Tweet Matt Cutts recently answered the question “Will SEO exist in five years?” via video. Don’t worry, this is a really short clip, and there’s not a lot of geek speak in it at all. However, keep in mind that he’s a Google employee and he’s talking about SEO in the context of Google. As […]

G’s Up, Newspapers Down

Tweet “G” = Google in this case. Jack Lail tweeted a link to this video of Google’s Eric Schmidt. You can check out the video here, but make sure you click over and read Steve Outing’s comments on it as they are insightful.

Some Advice From a REAL Expert

Tweet Google guru Matt Cutts has posted a letter he wrote to a young journalist friend back in 2007. It seems like most of the advice still applies, although there’s admittedly more of a sense of urgency now than there was then. I don’t expect that sense of urgency to be waning any time soon. […]

Twitter Could Be The Fabeled Google Killer

Tweet Why else do you think Google is so anxious to buy them? Twitter is a great communication tool, but it’s real power lies in something it hasn’t fully exploited yet–search. Not search in the sense that Google does search, but search in the sense of the way you want to search. Real time search. […]

Google News Timeline – Visual News Rerpresentation

Tweet Want to see a cool blend of news and technology? Check out the Google News Timeline, which was demo’d at Googlelabs Press Event today. Very cool visual representation of news over time. Here comes the future. I can’t wait to play with this. TechCrunch has more


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