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Journalistic Entropy

Tweet A cool video on KNS Continuous News Editor Jigsha Desai. connected [jigsha desai] from Laura Roberson on Vimeo. I think one of the most interesting ideas Jigsha brings up is the pushing of content to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc. The goal isn’t just to provide content on the KNS site, but also to give […]

Following The Inauguration Online

Tweet Here are several ways to follow the inauguration of Barack Obama online today. Rex Hammock has a comprehensive list from Twitter to Flickr coverage and everything in between. For static-free coverage of the days events that you can watch online without the anchor noise, C-Span is the place to be. If you want to […]

Student Inauguration Project Is Up!

Tweet A couple of weeks ago, a reader asked a question about mashing up tweets and Flickr photos for a group of students travelling to the Inauguration this week. We were priveleged to get to help them out with this project, and today they’ve left for Washington D.C. and begun documenting their trip. You can […]

Countless Opportunities To Get The Perfect Photograph

Tweet When I started out in newsprint, I used a 35 mm camera. One time, I had a very angry, localĀ  politician (who ultimately went to the pokey for another unrelated incident) grab my camera and expose my film. I was talking with Mike Sechrist about this yesterday and how younger journalists who have been […]

How to Break a Story Live on YOUR Blog

Tweet Ok, this is the kind of stuff I absolutely love. A reader asks a question about a project he’s doing with some students, and we’re able to use that to show professional journalists how to cover a story in real time on a blog with a mobile phone. Reader Dan writes: A small group […]


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