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Even More on Facebook’s TOS Change

Tweet Trace and I have been involved in a couple of conversations on Twitter over the last couple of days about the Terms of Service change on Facebook. One of the things @russm mentioned is that this whole fiasco was probably the result of someone on the legal team “over-lawyering” without the approval of the […]

Facebook’s Terms Of Use

Tweet Cathy McCaughan, in the comments,  points us to what Facebook is doing with your stuff. Facebook’s terms of service (TOS) used to say that when you closed an account on their network, any rights they claimed to the original content you uploaded would expire. Not anymore. Now, anything you upload to Facebook can be […]

Just Do It

Tweet In a post written by Scott Karp a year ago, there is some very good information on why journalists should utilize the web. The post is just as timely today as it was when it was written. Karp writes: So here’s the real reason why people like Howard Owens keep encouraging journalists to blog. […]

In Defense Of Memes

Tweet So, there is a movement this week about the dreaded meme and how these things kill kittens and that they are navel gazing. Of course memes are navel gazing. This is the Internet. Memes can be  good for journalists. Not writing them necessarily, but reading them. Jane Devin addressed the issue on Facebook meme’s […]


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