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Do Journalists Deserve Low Pay?

Tweet Did the headline grab you to? When I saw Robert G. Picard’s post titled “Why Journalists Deserve Low Pay“, it grabbed me. Remember it’s just a headline…it’s meant to grab your attention. Although you may expect this to be a hit piece on journalism, it’s actually an economic explanation of where we are and […]

On The Narrative

Tweet Rex Hammock is talking to you. I recommend you listen: Collectively, the news media of the mainstream variety move through such narratives. Since September 15, the narrative has clearly been that we are in the midst of “financial crisis.” According to the narrative, the crisis is more than a cyclical recession, it’s “the worst […]

Mad Magazine Goes Quarterly

Tweet Due to the economy, Mad Magazine, which has been on newsstands since 1952, is going to four times a year. Starting with the April issue, you’ll only be able to get Mad four times a year. Mad Kids and Mad Classics, two spin-off mags, have been canceled altogether. Mad editor John Ficarra said, in […]

How To Make Blogging Pay

Tweet I’m not even going to do a pull quote here. Just go read Katie Allison Granju’s blog right now.

NYT’s Room For Debate Is Open

Tweet If you want to talk about recent layoffs, this just might be the place to go and express yourself. The economy lost 524,000 jobs in December, raising the unemployment rate to 7.2 percent. More than 10 million Americans are now unemployed. Many more millions of Americans worry about their own job security. These anxieties […]

Good Time For Start Up Businesses

Tweet It’s not all depression and darkness in the world of the Start Up business. Doom and gloom. Layoffs, bankruptcy, insolvency, bailouts. Blah blah blah Wall Street, blah blah blah Main Street. It’s a terrible time to start a company, right?  Wrong! Here are six reasons why you should start your new company right now. […]

Defining Journalism With A New Measuring Stick

Tweet The Journalist Iconoclast brings up a very good point regarding the recent hits that the news world has taken. And 2008 has already seen more than 15,000 jobs lost at U.S. newspapers. I believe 2009 will be a defining point in time for U.S. newspapers and not in a good way. Many promising young […]


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