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Basic Rules Of Citizen Journalism

Tweet By Trace Sharp One thing I hear from new bloggers who are interested in focusing on their communities or “citizen journalism” for lack of a better term is ‘How do I do it?’ It’s a very good question. First of all, blogging is not going to replace traditional journalism. And the lines are fuzzy […]

‘If Your Mother Says She Loves You, Check It Out’

Tweet The one thing about citizen journalism which I want to address is that with the title of journalism, there also should be a responsibility on verifying the facts and always err to the side of attribution. Anonymous sources decrease the legitimacy of your information if that’s all you use. I don’t, and have never […]

Definition For A Citizen Journalist

Tweet Ron Sylvester finds a very good definition for a citizen journalist: The business of big media is watching their stocks fall, while watching the rise of citizen journalists. But what is a citizen journalist, and what makes them different from professional journalists. Even SPJ, the largest organization of professional journalists, struggles for that definition. […]

Hudson River Crash Coverage

Tweet Kottke followed citizen journalists covering yesterday’s airplane crash in the Hudson River and the Flickr stream shows photos taken from professional photographers to people on the scene. It goes without saying that you always need your camera handy. Yahoo and Reuters are launching a new service which could turn the millions of people with […]

High School Students Fight Censorship By Taking To The Web

Tweet Here’s the story from MediaPost: There’s been a lot of talk about how the Web has disrupted traditional media, especially newspapers that used to have monopolies in print.But, for all the business trauma suffered by newspapers, the Internet also has given writers the ability to publish articles that otherwise might have never seen the […]

All Voices

Tweet How’s this for enthusiasm. World events concern you? Sports excite you? Entertainment’s your thing? Environment is your passion? Politics is your forte? Have a zeal for Technology? Want to discuss, comment, learn, rant about these and more? Blog/ Write on a site that helps you take your opinion to the world and make your […]

Photography And Citizen Journalism

Tweet Jack Lail writes of some of the animosity that sometimes happens in the blogosphere over trends in news media. Lail, however, writes about more than that. He discusses folks finding their way. He writes about Glenn Reynolds and Craig Newmark: It is ludicrous to suggest — as people nonetheless have — that either Craig […]

News Appetites Have Changed

Tweet The Lovable Liberal breaks down the future of newspapers, advertising and a pros/cons of what has happened in the newspaper business. As LL is my cyber buddy, I have to tell you, it’s a whopper of an opus. But it’s a must read opus. One future we all know: Paper’s over. No point discussing […]


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