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Interesting Case for NOT Having a Sitemap

Tweet A while back I wrote a post about the need for having a sitemap to let search engines, especially Google, know that you exist and the contents of your site. I mentioned there one of the biggest advantages was that sitemaps are a great way to get crawled before you’ve actually built up any […]

How To Make Blogging Pay

Tweet I’m not even going to do a pull quote here. Just go read Katie Allison Granju’s blog right now.

Student Inauguration Project Is Up!

Tweet A couple of weeks ago, a reader asked a question about mashing up tweets and Flickr photos for a group of students travelling to the Inauguration this week. We were priveleged to get to help them out with this project, and today they’ve left for Washington D.C. and begun documenting their trip. You can […]

Easy WordPress How-To Videos

Tweet If you’ve read any of my previous posts here, you know I’m a big fan of WordPress as a publishing platform and content management system. One of the biggest reasons I’m so fond of it is its ease of use for the end user. You don’t have to be a “tech” person to write […]

More On The Gannett Furlough

Tweet From former Tennessean columnist Tim Chavez on the Gannett layoffs. You’ve got to give Gannett some credit for this action, which it says is in lieu of layoffs. Of all the newspaper companies, Gannett was the last to lay off people. Yet, staffing levels at most Gannett newspapers were lowest for most of the […]

Spotlight: How To Make Your Own Blog

Tweet A new blog I’ve uncovered recently has some basic tips on how to start your new blog and practical tips on creating your own brand, which is important for anyone delving into the online world. This post speaks of having a good header and how to make it yourself. How do I get my […]

Help Your Readers Build a Community on Twitter

Tweet Here’s an example of someone thinking in the right direction. Dan Zarrella has released a beta version of TweetBacks. Tweetbacks work just like pingbacks/trackbacks, but instead of showing what blogs are talking about you, they show the people on Twitter who are talking about you. I’ll save you the gory details of how it […]

How Do You Learn All This…Stuff?

Tweet A couple of my goals in spouting technical information here at NewsTechZilla is to keep it minimal and high level. That means I usually won’t go into a lot of unnecessary details unless you guys request it. In some cases it just isn’t necessary, and in others I simply don’t have the knowledge. But […]

Featured Article: An Introduction From Michael Silence

Tweet Sometimes I wonder if many of us don’t make this whole new media thing too difficult to understand or explain. When I find myself getting far too immersed in trying to explain this 21st century media, I remind myself what first got me into following blogs. It was discovering in early 2002 that I […]


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