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The Scorched Earth Campaign

Tweet S-Town Mike breaks the Associated Press’ recent antics down. Segments of the mainstream media are obviously bent on turning the demise of their industry in to a witch-hunt, conducting a scorched earth campaign that even hurts their own. Rather than being reactionary, the AP needs to pause and develop constructive strategies for adapting to […]

Associated Press Fires Off Cease And Desist Letter

Tweet And here is the kicker, the newswire told an AP affiliate not to use its videos on it’s YouTube subscription channel, which have an embed code. The saga started yesterday when Frank Strovel of WTNQ-FM 104.9 in Lafollete, Tennessee was sent a cease and desist letter from the Associated Press regarding the embedded videos […]

Say What?

Tweet Rex Hammock ponders on what the NYTimes is actually saying in a story about the AP. According to this article on, the Associated Press is “taking aim at major search engines like Google, Yahoo and their competitors” by demanding that Web sites obtain permission to use the work of The A.P. or its […]

When Dinosaurs Smoked Cigarettes …

Tweet I’m going to wax nostalgic this morning as I’m wont to do. Back in the days when dinosaurs smoked cigarettes and reporters typed their copy on Royal typewriters, there was basically a time lapse regarding when news was written and when it was delivered. Those days are over. People are twittering from airplane crashes, […]

Is This A Slap In The Face To The AP?

Tweet Here we go: Five big regional daily newspapers in New York and New Jersey, including The New York Daily News, have formed a content-sharing club, the Northeast Consortium, that allows them to borrow stories, photos, and graphics from each other. Following announcements by several other newspaper publishers reaching new content-sharing agreements, the Northeast Consortium […]

New Ways To Deliver The News

Tweet Angela Dice discusses an innovative way to share news costs through different news organizations on Wired Journalists. So, here’s what I think might be the start of something that could work: A site that pulls in links, stories, etc. via RSS feeds from a group of newspapers and bloggers who’ve all agreed to the […]


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