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Some Hilarious Stuff on AP’s DRM

Tweet The AP has released some info on its new “protection” system–not sure what exactly they are trying to protect us from. From CrunchGear: This same system, as you recall, has prevented the rise of piracy in the music and movie arenas and must be applied to the written word before the Internet fails and […]

Strovel’s side of the AP YouTube Controversy

Tweet You can read Frank Strovel’s post on the incident here. If you haven’t been keeping up, he was actually contacted by the AP and told to take videos they’d uploaded to YouTube off his site. Personally, I’d like to see what they’d have done if he’d left the videos up.

More On The AP And YouTube Videos

Tweet Christian Grantham has more on this, including a video interview with Frank Strovel about the cease and desist he received from the AP. This is just ridiculous.

The AP Isn’t Missed

Tweet But the reality is still that the state wires have been AP’s cash cow, and they are hurting. In South Carolina, for instance, the AP office – no longer a bureau – is unstaffed many more hours, including much of the weekend, and because of my former AP life, I’ve gotten an earful on […]

AP Antiquity

Tweet In keeping with Trace’s post earlier today… In 1918, “hot news” traveled by mail and telegraph. It could last hours or even days. Today, a true scoop lasts for about a minute. The AP would have to show instances of articles where not only the AP broke the news, but was the only outlet […]

Buried In A Sea Of E-mails

Tweet By John Carney Am I the only small-town newspaper person swamped with useless e-mail? I imagine I’m not. The Shelbyville Times-Gazette is a daily (Sunday-Friday) newspaper serving a rural community in southern Middle Tennessee. We’re pretty locally-oriented, and most of what we run that isn’t directly connected to Bedford County comes either from AP […]


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