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And The Blood Flows …

Tweet Chris Davis writes about the perceptions of the deaths of newspapers. When writing about the death of daily newspapers, daily newspapers usually like to blame things like the Internet, increasing aliteracy, and a loss of advertising resulting from the latest economic downturn. The complaints aren’t entirely without merit but are generally stated in a […]

On Optimism

Tweet From TechCrunch, commenting on a study from The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism: Online journalists are cautiously optimistic that their publications have viable business models compared to traditional forms of media. Over 60 percent of respondents reported that their online news units were making a profit. But only four out of […]

News In A State Of Emergency?

Tweet Gary Kamiya argues that subsidizing the newspaper industry may be the only way to save the integrity of gritty news coverage. His opinion piece is at Salon. But the real problem isn’t that newspapers may be doomed. I would be severely disheartened if I was forced to abandon my morning ritual of sitting on […]

The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

Tweet Seth Godin explains the difference between marketing and advertising. I’ve seen this mistake happen time and time again. Both concepts are different. Marketing is not the same as advertising. Advertising is a tiny slice of what marketing is today, and in fact, it’s pretty clear that the marketing has to come before the product, […]

The Real Reinvention Of Local Media

Tweet This is where Terry Heaton preaches the gospel. He basically says that content is not the answer. First of all, he makes a very good analogy: The reality, as my friend Gordon Borrell points out, is that the deer now have guns; anybody can be a media company that produces content, even the people […]

Blissdom ’09

Tweet Mommy blogging is catching the eye of the corporate advertising world. On Friday and Saturday, 250 women from around the country will gather in Nashville for seminars on designing better blogs, marketing them and making money from ad revenue at the BlissDom conference, hosted by online magazine Blissfully Domestic and organized by Nashville blogger […]

Finally…Let’s Talk About Money

Tweet To be more clear, let’s talk about one of the possibilities of making money on your site–selling text links. There are advantages and disadvantages to text link sales.  I’ll give you a high level overview along with links to some resources to help you get more information so you can make an informed decision. […]

Three Rules That Have Evolved

Tweet Romenesko spotlights Robert Niles’ excellent post on three rules of journalism and how the market is changing. Robert Niles‘ list: Old rule: You can’t cover something in which you are personally involved. New rule: Tell your readers how you are involved and how that’s shaped your reporting. Old rule: You must present all sides […]

Newsprint Costs Heading Up

Tweet From the Reflections of a Newsosaur: Profit-pinched newspapers trying to save money by cutting back on the newsprint they consume will be hammered by a 23% increase in the cost of whatever paper they do buy this year, fears one analyst. If Paul Ginocchio of Deutsche Bank is right, newspapers that already have trimmed […]

Behind The Scenes In An Advertising Meeting

Tweet If you have ever sat through an advertising/marketing meeting, this photo isn’t a satirical as it initially appears. Just for fun on a weekend, campers. Photo by Fengtastic


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