Trace Sharp

Get Smart

Tweet Here you go: Journalism educators, professionals and students can develop and hone their skills in audio, photo and video storytelling at a Multimedia Boot Camp taught by the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute, Aug. 9-14, in Nashville, Tenn. Tuition is $850, payable in advance. Low-cost housing at Extended Stay/Vanderbilt is available for an additional $71.40 […]

Subpoenas Handed Out To Vegas Paper

Tweet We need to be watching this. The Washington Post has reported that a Nevada newspaper has been served a grand jury federal subpoena to reveal the identities of commenters on its website. The newspaper editor is fighting the request. The editor, Thomas Mitchell, received the subpoena after his paper covered the prosecution of business […]

Attribute, Attribute, ATTRIBUTE

Tweet Michael Silence gives mainstream media a tongue lashing.

New Media’s Voice

Tweet From political writer Adam Kleinheider. The power of new media can be exaggerated. It constantly is. But in an early stage of a gubernatorial primary the blogs and the people behind them are players in the game. Read the whole thing. He explains this perfectly and he can tell you what it’s all about.

Post Of The Week

Tweet Jim Voorhies gives about the best advice I’ve read in awhile to companies as well as politicians. Yep, I’m writing you a letter just like I did REI when they screwed up. Some of you are already doing it. You’re ignoring the new media “opportunities.” And you’re getting sliced and diced out there. Politicians […]

Boston Police Would Tweet A Zombie Attack

Tweet From the irreverant Ron Hogan at PopFi. Are you ready for your daily dose of zombies?  The Boston Police Department has a Twitter feed.  Apparently, they also have a deadpan sense of humor, as evidenced by their response to Will Cady’s question about a potential zombie outbreak in Massachusetts.  Hehehe, I love things like […]

One Day As An Intern

Tweet Frannie Boyle went to work as an intern at The Philadelphia Bulletin. By the end of the day, the paper was gone. So people are saying that print journalism is seeing its last days. I never would have disagreed with that point, but I also never would have thought that I’d actually be standing […]

A Bird’s Eye View Of Journalism

Tweet I’ll let the post at Hot Topics explain and you need to read Jane Singer’s article underneath the information after the announcement of the conference at the link. This August, journalism and mass communication educators from across the globe will gather in Boston to share tips on how to survive and thrive in today’s […]

On Commenting: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Tweet CopyBlogger breaks down utilizing commenting as a marketing technique to drive traffic to your blog. There are examples of good commenting and those that just don’t work. Do you comment?

$2.6 Billion Dollars In Ad Revenue Loss In First Quarter

Tweet Tech Crunch states what we already know: The stats show that total newspaper ad sales dropped by an unprecedented 28.28% in the first quarter of 2009, a deep plunge that represents a loss of more than $2.6 billion in ad revenue compared year-over-year. Compared to 3 years ago – 2006 was a pretty good […]


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