Trace Sharp

NFL Loses Control Of The Message

Tweet According to the Washington Post, Twitter is allowing the players in camp to send out the message, not the Powers That Be in the NFL. For the first time, fans aren’t dependent on media reports for training camp updates. Players themselves are divulging certain details, from the humorous to the inconsequential, using Twitter feeds. […]

We want Google Voice on our iPhones

Tweet Jim Voorhies calls this the best comment ever. I can’t help but agree.

The Separation

Tweet There has to be one if you are a journalist. John Robinson explains why: I suspect every editor can tell stories about conversations with newsmakers who attempt to use their access and perceived friendship to influence coverage, which, predictably, turns out to be negative. I certainly can. I have also worked with editors who loved the access […]

Journalists’ Typewriters Go Silent

Tweet Photo By Adam Tinworth Journalists continue to be laid off in Tennessee this week as The Tennessean eliminated roughly 30 positions on July 9th which ranges from those reporting on the street to account execs to press operators. It’s not a new story. It’s happening to many of us and it will continue to. […]

Looking For New Opportunities

Tweet In a story at the Huffington Post, Jennifer West talks about losing her job as an editor and a new journey she is taking. West’s story is similar to other journalists who have become unemployed. Although she has opted to go back to school, she says she’s out of the news business for good […]

Verification Vs. Speed Of A Breaking News Story

Tweet Blogs like TMZ and social media powerhouse Twitter may have broken the story of Michael Jackson’s death but the reality is that even the most casual news junkie wanted confirmation from an established journalism institution. Simon Owens explains and shows Google Trend goodness on how this went down last week regarding the death of […]

Aaron Brown Is Not A Fan Of Twitter

Tweet I don’t think Brown gets Twitter and he’s more than all right with that. “It still seems more self-indulgent than relevant, but oddly, that’s what a lot of journalism is these days.” Well, yeah, there is truth there as well. Personally, I like Aaron Brown and I appreciate his candor.

Wearing The Inner Fedora And Getting The Scoop

Tweet The world of news is continually changing. A testament would be to the social media networks covering the death of Michael Jackson. The thing to remember though is that even with the instant nature of breaking news (which is still being touted 16 hours later on CNN as I type this) that we have […]

Recession Special At Knox Views

Tweet Knoxville peeps, Knox Views is having a Recession Special at their blog. This is very inventive. For a limited time only, KnoxViews is making our premium top banner advertising space available at no charge to local/area merchants, no strings attached. Help your company and your customers fight the recession and stimulate the local economy. […]

New iPhone Is THAT Good

Tweet Thanks to Christian Grantham at Nashville is Talking, we find that the new iPhone does a lot more than you thought it would. How good is the iPhone’s new video camera? Good enough to make the evening news, literally. Here’s the story of how the new iPhone which was used to shoot a news […]


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