May 2009

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The Alien News Network And A Link Dump

Tweet Been a crazy few weeks for Scott and I here at NewsTechZilla. I have been downsized as predicted and he’s been carrying much of the load. I wish to thank him and get back to bidness. Hopefully things will get back to normal. Let’s scoot around these innertubes, shall we? Reading Online Comments Shouldn’t […]

Bringing The News With Incentives

Tweet Tara George writes that one ┬ácollege news organization is bringing the news to where college kids hang out. And that would be Facebook. Any college newspaper editor will tell you it’s a challenge to get students off Facebook and reading the news. However, the University of Minnesota’s student newspaper,The Minnesota Daily, may have found […]

Bigwigs Discussing Paid Content For Newspapers?

Tweet This sounds like a business meeting, probably not having much to do with journalism. It’s probably not much different than record executives or movie moguls meeting to try to curb piracy or discuss delivery models for their products. But it’s still worth noting. Hopefully they’ll remember that the customer is their friend, not their […]

Twitter A Bigger Threat Than Blogs To Newspapers?

Tweet Here’s an interesting opinion piece in the Miami Herald on the difficulties newspaper management is having with social media, especially Twitter. On one hand, they want to encourage engagement. On the other hand, they don’t want to give away the store. Not only has that horse left the barn, but the barn is burning […]

SEO – A Five Year Plan

Tweet Matt Cutts recently answered the question “Will SEO exist in five years?” via video. Don’t worry, this is a really short clip, and there’s not a lot of geek speak in it at all. However, keep in mind that he’s a Google employee and he’s talking about SEO in the context of Google. As […]

Almost Famous

Tweet Not bad advice at all from Seth Godin. Being a familiar name takes you miles closer to closing a sale. People like to buy from companies they’ve heard of. It turns out that this is an overlooked benefit of banner ads. Banner ads are fairly worthless in terms of generating clickthroughs… you have to […]

On Blogging

Tweet If you have never read Stephen King’s “On Writing” you should because not only does it talk about technique but it also talks about the passion and the joy of writing. How To Make My Blog breaks down how this book can also help you with blogging. My favorite is this one: Do it […]

G’s Up, Newspapers Down

Tweet “G” = Google in this case. Jack Lail tweeted a link to this video of Google’s Eric Schmidt. You can check out the video here, but make sure you click over and read Steve Outing’s comments on it as they are insightful.

Some Advice From a REAL Expert

Tweet Google guru Matt Cutts has posted a letter he wrote to a young journalist friend back in 2007. It seems like most of the advice still applies, although there’s admittedly more of a sense of urgency now than there was then. I don’t expect that sense of urgency to be waning any time soon. […]

Do Journalists Deserve Low Pay?

Tweet Did the headline grab you to? When I saw Robert G. Picard’s post titled “Why Journalists Deserve Low Pay“, it grabbed me. Remember it’s just a headline…it’s meant to grab your attention. Although you may expect this to be a hit piece on journalism, it’s actually an economic explanation of where we are and […]


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