February 2009

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Some Good Advice on Branding

Tweet From marketing guru Seth Godin: The best plan is to overload Google with a long tail of good stuff and to always act as if you’re on Candid Camera, because you are. Something to remember for social networking sites, blogs, and comments. Being a jerk is one thing, but looking like one could potentially […]

Judge In Knoxville Case Questions Media Intent

Tweet From today’s Knoxville News Sentinel: (Rick) Hollow and attorney Tom McAdams, who represented WBIR-TV, Channel 10, at the hearing, argued that the judge had no legal right to deny their clients’ Internet-based readers their First Amendment right to express themselves. McAdams deemed the space allotted on media Web sites for commentary as a “giant […]

Do What You Want To Do

Tweet Busy Mom is categorized as a Mommy Blogger, which is big business these days, but she is so much more than that. She is a revolutionary voice in the blogosphere and can turn a phrase better than anyone. She is also a voice of reason. She spotlights the changes in the blogging community over […]

Anonymous Commenters On Trial

Tweet By Trace Sharp The issue of anonymous commenters on news web sites has hit the courtroom in Knoxville. The issue has brought up a lot of discussion on and off line about the right to remain anonymous. Katie Allison Granju and I agree on this subject. The online comments on media web sites – […]

Rocky Mountain News Final Edition

Tweet Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo. HT ReadWriteWeb

Media Attorneys Argue About Anonymous Comments

Tweet Here we go. Does the First Amendment apply to anonymous posters on commercial media Web sites? Do the journalistic principles employed by professional journalists apply to bloggers? Does a judge have the right to dictate a news organization’s Web policies? It doesn’t sound like fodder for courtroom debate in a capital murder case, but […]

NYT Blog Network Announced

Tweet The New York Times Expected To Launch Local Blog Network On Monday. …the local blog network will be filled with content from the paper’s editors (one for each site) but also rely partially on citizen journalism i.e. unpaid contributions from locals readers who will be able to post everything from short video clips to […]

The Smell Of Newsprint

Tweet Katie Allison Granju writes about how newspapers have shaped her life. As the third generation of a family of journalists, she tells the tale. I still believe in real journalism. The business model that built the newspapers shutting down today will no longer support that kind of journalism, and the new model isn’t completely clear yet. But […]

Goodbye Colorado

Tweet Today is the last day that the Rocky Mountain News will go to print. The paper was to turn 150 years old this year but it won’t be seeing that milestone. Yesterday, the newspaper twittered about closing the doors for good. For anyone in news, seeing a powerhouse falter is devastating, but the issue […]

The Financial Value Of A Blog

Tweet Mindy McAdams is focusing on the business models of financially successful blogs. I’m fascinated by this post at 24/7 Wall Street: The 25 Most Valuable Blogs. Maybe my fascination is unwarranted — I don’t claim to have a head for business, and perhaps the clean-sounding logic in the article would fail to impress a […]


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