December 2008

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Afraid of “Breaking” Your Site?

Tweet In a post today, Newscoma asked how you get over the fear of breaking your site when you want to add functionality, change themes, etc. While it helps to have a healthy dose of apathy, that’s not really what we should be shooting for. Here are a few things you can do to give […]

How NOT To Use Twitter

Tweet This is a matter of personal preference but twittering a 3-year-old’s funeral is not something I want to read. Rocky Mountain News reporter Berny Morson covered the Wednesday funeral of Marten Kudlis, who died last week when a pickup truck careered into a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop in Aurora, Colo. But instead of […]

Poor Ink-Stained Wretches

Tweet From the cranium of Jack Lail: But the letters published last night by the Wall Street Journal in response to the column show that quite a few of the people that read or used to read newspapers just don’t care about the fate of newspapers and just might be knowingly smiling at the prospect […]

A Question For Sadcox

Tweet I admit it.I’m not very confident when it comes to doing things online. It’s doesn’t always jive with my comfort zone. I’ve killed a template more than once, I still can’t figure out how to put my flickr pictures on my personal blog in the sidebar (it worked before I started hosting my domain) […]

Enhancing The News Experience

Tweet Looking back at some of the best posts as we head into the new year regarding tools for journalists of all kinds, I found this post about KnoxNews at NewAssignment. Knoxville, Tennessee based KnoxNews released their own iPhone application last month allowing users to upload their own reports to a profile hosted via […]

Anatomy Of A News Story In The Digital Age

Tweet Rooting around the tubes this last morning of 2008, I ran upon an article from Jim MacMillan. I wasn’t familiar with MacMillan, quite frankly, but he’s story of covering a fire was compelling and basically breaks down the anatomy of how new media works. Here’s a snippet from what he experienced: I had brought […]

Newspapers Made Significant Changes in 2008

Tweet There are some intriguing new numbers being reported at Newspaper Death Watch on the correalation between newspapers and what they are currently doing in regard to establishing a greater web presence. Here are some of the numbers: Fifth-eight percent of newspaper websites post user-generated photos, 18% accept video and 15% publish user-generated articles.  That’s […]

5 Years Left for Tangible Media?

Tweet That’s what Keith Parnell is talking about. And for the record, he thinks print has a little longer than that: I agree the majority of media and communications are moving online. But not all and completely. Not in 5 years. One of the interesting points brought up in this discussion is the expansion of […]

The Grey Lady

Tweet The Daily Beast spotlights a new book about the front pages of the New York Times over the years. Peter Osnos says it shows the best of the NYT and what is good about newspapers. As an artifact for a history buff, it is worth every penny. The immediacy of next day coverage of […]

Social Networks Are The New Town Squares

Tweet This is a post from journalist Paul Balcerak that everyone should take to heart who learned some very important things after entering the world of journalism. His bulleted points in a post at Wired Journalists is incredibly wise. • Google isn’t Satan. Contrary to what many have said about Google running newspapers into the […]


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