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Twitter A Bigger Threat Than Blogs To Newspapers?

Tweet Here’s an interesting opinion piece in the Miami Herald on the difficulties newspaper management is having with social media, especially Twitter. On one hand, they want to encourage engagement. On the other hand, they don’t want to give away the store. Not only has that horse left the barn, but the barn is burning […]

SEO – A Five Year Plan

Tweet Matt Cutts recently answered the question “Will SEO exist in five years?” via video. Don’t worry, this is a really short clip, and there’s not a lot of geek speak in it at all. However, keep in mind that he’s a Google employee and he’s talking about SEO in the context of Google. As […]

A Wealth of Great Twitter Info For Journalists

Tweet Check out Mashable’s Journalist’s Guide to Twitter. While there are lots of tools for doing stuff with Twitter, remember to keep perspective in the Twitterverse. Just because a news story is big on the microblogging site, doesn’t always necessarily mean it is offline. DeRusha reminded journalists that it’s important to still get out and […]

Is Your Newsroom Using Twitter? Effectively?

Tweet Before I get to anything that may come across as negative, let me say that I follow lots of people who work in at my local paper, The Knoxville New Sentinel. And there’s one huge reason I follow them… They are engaging. (I’m going to go ahead and get my #followfriday in now so […]

Twitter Could Be The Fabeled Google Killer

Tweet Why else do you think Google is so anxious to buy them? Twitter is a great communication tool, but it’s real power lies in something it hasn’t fully exploited yet–search. Not search in the sense that Google does search, but search in the sense of the way you want to search. Real time search. […]

Leveraging Twitter With Tweetmeme

Tweet If you haven’t heard about Tweetmeme yet, chances are you will soon–like right now. In fact you can see evidence on this page–that little “Retweet This” button is provided by Tweetmeme. I’ll give you the high points. Tweetmeme is a service that’s sort of like Digg in that it allows you to “vote” for […]

Is Twitter Really Killing RSS?

Tweet I saw this TechCrunch article (in my RSS reader) and found it very entertaining. Gillmor makes some good points, and even if you don’t agree that it’s over for RSS, it’s well-written and humorous. About Twitter: There, RSS items are fed into aggregators and husked for their behavioral signals, packaged as Tweets and sold […]

‘I Never Learn Anything When I Talk’

Tweet Sorry about the blogging hiatus but due to some rather wicked weather, your girl Friday here has been on this series of ‘tubes for a bit of time. All Righty then, let’s get on with it. This is EXACTLY how I feel about Twitter. Every time I go to Twitter, I find a story. […]

Six Ways TweetDeck Makes Twitter Better

Tweet Trace and I are obviously huge fans of Twitter, but if you’re only using Twitter the website, you are missing out on all kinds of cool things people are doing with Twitter the service. TweetDeck is definitely my favorite application that utilizes Twitter because it makes it so powerful. I’ve fielded a couple of […]

Five Twitter Tools For Journalists

Tweet Ahh, these are good. Why every journalist in the world isn’t using Twitter, I have no idea. H/T Jack Lail


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