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The Digital Gap and Weekly Newspapers

Tweet So you’re a weekly newspaper publisher and you produce a quality newspaper product with original local news and a vibrant editorial page. Your ongoing efforts and commitment have allowed you to control your local news market.  Readers respect you and look to you for the facts – they want you to act as a […]

Did Twitter Make You Quit Blogging?

Tweet There is a lot of talk about Twitter over at NTZ these days. Mainly because it is in the news. And here is the question?  Has Twitter impaired your blogging? Are you using Twitter as an RSS feed? Mark Evans asks and pontificates quite eloquently. My sense is Twitter is emerging as a vibrant […]

How To Make Blogging Pay

Tweet I’m not even going to do a pull quote here. Just go read Katie Allison Granju’s blog right now.

Are You Commenting?

Tweet Do you give what you want? I heard a blogger say a couple of years ago that every time she got a comment, it was like getting a $20 bill. Bloggers love feedback. It keeps us going. The thing in blogging, no matter if you are a journalist, a knitter or a political writer, […]

Community Blogs May be the Newspapers of the Future

Tweet By Kathy Tyson Nashville. The appeal of bright lights, big city brought my family here more than five years ago, but instead of moving into the metro area we opted for a neighboring town. Homes were more affordable and we could get an acre or two to stretch our legs, get a dog, and […]

Easy WordPress How-To Videos

Tweet If you’ve read any of my previous posts here, you know I’m a big fan of WordPress as a publishing platform and content management system. One of the biggest reasons I’m so fond of it is its ease of use for the end user. You don’t have to be a “tech” person to write […]

The Press And The Sphere of Legitimate Debate

Tweet Great article on the ability of readers to connect through blogs in ways they couldn’t with traditional media… Now we can see why blogging and the Net matter so greatly in political journalism. In the age of mass media, the press was able to define the sphere of legitimate debate with relative ease because […]

Morning Coffee With Christian Grantham

Tweet An interesting experiment I watched this morning online was from the producer of WKRN in Nashville and it honestly proved to be very compelling. Christian Grantham posts interesting local links to the Nashville is Talking blog and he’s doing something I think is outside the box and is highly entertaining. He explains why he […]

Help Your Readers Build a Community on Twitter

Tweet Here’s an example of someone thinking in the right direction. Dan Zarrella has released a beta version of TweetBacks. Tweetbacks work just like pingbacks/trackbacks, but instead of showing what blogs are talking about you, they show the people on Twitter who are talking about you. I’ll save you the gory details of how it […]

Keep Your Online Voice Out There

Tweet Practical advice from the Church of the Customer as described by BrandFlakes For Breakfast on how to prepare, or cope, with job loss in these trying economic times. They suggest taking three steps that will help position you better in the marketplace, should your job disappear: 1. Blog 2. Tweet 3. Join niche communities. […]


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