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NYT Blog Network Announced

Tweet The New York Times Expected To Launch Local Blog Network On Monday. …the local blog network will be filled with content from the paper’s editors (one for each site) but also rely partially on citizen journalism i.e. unpaid contributions from locals readers who will be able to post everything from short video clips to […]

AP Antiquity

Tweet In keeping with Trace’s post earlier today… In 1918, “hot news” traveled by mail and telegraph. It could last hours or even days. Today, a true scoop lasts for about a minute. The AP would have to show instances of articles where not only the AP broke the news, but was the only outlet […]

News In A State Of Emergency?

Tweet Gary Kamiya argues that subsidizing the newspaper industry may be the only way to save the integrity of gritty news coverage. His opinion piece is at Salon. But the real problem isn’t that newspapers may be doomed. I would be severely disheartened if I was forced to abandon my morning ritual of sitting on […]

Just Do It

Tweet In a post written by Scott Karp a year ago, there is some very good information on why journalists should utilize the web. The post is just as timely today as it was when it was written. Karp writes: So here’s the real reason why people like Howard Owens keep encouraging journalists to blog. […]

“Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Tweet Many bloggers, no matter if they are journalists or writing about personal experiences that intrigue them, are afraid of what other people are going to think about their work. Journalists have an edge. They either write or broadcast and put themselves out there. They chose to be critiqued and it was a conscience decision. […]

Micropayments Revisted

Tweet Les Jones weighs in at his site and at No Silence here. I predict that journalists who lose their newspaper jobs are likely to continue practicing journalism to the extent their personal finances allow. People go into journalism because they want their voices heard. Being paid to have their voices heard was just a […]

In Defense Of Memes

Tweet So, there is a movement this week about the dreaded meme and how these things kill kittens and that they are navel gazing. Of course memes are navel gazing. This is the Internet. Memes can be  good for journalists. Not writing them necessarily, but reading them. Jane Devin addressed the issue on Facebook meme’s […]

On Policing Comments (Or Not)

Tweet Michael Silence, Christian Grantham, andRex Hammock discussing the topic at ONA Nashville. One of the key points they bring up is the need to either develop thick skin or stay out of the comments fray on your posts. Personally, I love the back and forth with readers, although I sometimes forget that sarcasm and […]

Blogging: The Modern Day Letter To The Editor

Tweet By Trace Sharp Joe Powell has been a reporter and a blogger. His perspective on this medium can be found at his blog, Cup Of Joe Powell and he has sat on both sides of the aisle. Blogging (and bloggers such as my humble self) in general often remind me of the character of […]

First Impressions From The ONA Forum

Tweet The Online News Association’s conference on Friday at the Freedom Forum in Nashville was not only a wonderful resource regarding the future of where journalism is headed, but in many ways it was a blogger meetup. Remember those words. I can recall going to other journalism conferences where online endeavors were only discussed with […]


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