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From The Editor’s Desk – Greensboro, NC

Tweet From John Robinson … These are tough times for people trying to hold onto their jobs. These are tough times, too, for businesses as customers keep a tight grip on their pocketbooks. The newspaper isn’t immune to the economic downturn. When you make your living primarily from local advertising, you feel the pain. The […]

Advertising Works On Perez

Tweet That’s the argument that Mediabistro’s Agency Spy is making. We’re about to rant a little more about why TV advertising has a lot of work to do if it wants to compete with the interwebs. As an example, we look at, and that site’s extreme over-whoring of its white space. Since we tend […]

Digital Media And Advertising

Tweet Digital Media and Advertising is the topic at Loic Le Meur. 1. How will digital media change the current advertising model? The word of mouth generated from blogs and social software is making the current advertising more and more irrelevant. I never buy any important or valuable product without asking my friends first and […]

“What Is The Value Of News?”

Tweet From my buddy, Cup of Joe Powell who has worked in the news biz himself and knows a thing or three. What role will the news biz take in the next decade? What does the public need and use from reporting? Reporters have been poorly paid historically, and bloggers do much with zero pay, […]

Video Hardly Killed The Radio Star

Tweet Zac Echola has an excellent post I found on Twitter this morning. It’s long and detailed on his observations about newspapers, media and establishing new ideas. It’s called Cutting The Cords, Bridging The Gaps: Let’s face a few facts: Nothing a newspaper can do will stop the migration of readers (and ultimately money) from […]

Defining Journalism With A New Measuring Stick

Tweet The Journalist Iconoclast brings up a very good point regarding the recent hits that the news world has taken. And 2008 has already seen more than 15,000 jobs lost at U.S. newspapers. I believe 2009 will be a defining point in time for U.S. newspapers and not in a good way. Many promising young […]


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