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Being Inventive

Tweet And the lesson here is simple and ingenious. A new world is going to have to think outside the box. And, of course, it’s funny. H/T Chicken Crap Newscoma

Changing Our Thinking

Tweet I sit this Christmas Eve morning watching the twitter feed for TheMediaIsDying. The feed reports shakeups and firings in the journalism world. The feed has posted quite a bit lately. As a journalist, I realize that things are changing. Of course, then I read things like this from Knoxville News Sentinel’s Jack Lail at […]

Think The New Media is Bound to Dominate?

Tweet Everywhere you look today, online at least, there are articles and posts about the death of newspapers and print media.  Print media is going through some changes right now.  That’s for sure.  Some of these changes are painful.  That’s for sure too.  But something happened today that made me realize just how important newspapers […]

Making RSS Your Best Friend — Reading

Tweet If you’ve ever seen this little symbol that seems to be everywhere on the web and wondered what it was for, this is the article for you. There’s a lot to say about RSS (Real Simple Syndication) with regards to writing feeds, handling multiple feeds, monetizing feeds, etc.  But if you’re reading this article […]

Twitter As A Journalist’s Tool

Tweet As someone who makes their living working for a news organization, I have found Twitter invaluable. As I live in a somewhat geographically challenged area in rural Tennessee, Twitter has opened up lines of communication and opportunities that I probably wouldn’t of had otherwise. Over the past 20 months that I’ve used this service, […]

Twitter–I Didn’t Get It At First Either

Tweet A little bit over a year ago I made a statement that Twitter and text messaging were the two lowest forms of communication known to man. I think I was half right. I still feel that way about text messaging, but Twitter has made me eat my words a thousand times over.  Even though […]

Wax On, Wax Off

Tweet One of the biggest issues I’ve had in learning new technology is that it scares the hell out of me. When I started blogging three years ago (on blogspot), I was completely a novice when it came to messing with the coding. I think I probably crashed the site about a dozen times, in […]

Learning As We Go

Tweet The news industry is changing. Although many journalists have already adopted new technology to deal with the pressing issues of how news will ultimately be distributed, there are many of us who are learning as we go along. In recent conversations, I’ve found that many people working in news are having to educate themselves […]

LAMP – Would the Last One Out of the Newsroom Please Turn it Off?

Tweet Ok, I couldn’t resist that little  joke in the title.  LAMP actually has nothing to do with lighting or the newsroom–it’s an acronym: Linux Apache MySQL PHP I just wanted to get that over with in case you are so turned off by anything “tech” that you’d leave immediately after reading what LAMP is. […]

FTP? What Is It? Why Do I Need It? How Do I Do It?

Tweet FTP stands for file transfer protocol. Sound scary? Don’t worry, it’s not very scary at all.  Let’s go over the basics so you’ll feel comfortable throwing yet another acronym around at your next (possibly first) nerd party. What is FTP? FTP is nothing more than a way to move files from one computer to […]


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