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Go Ahead and TRY to Break It

Tweet Trace brought up something pretty interesting tonight on The DontGo Show…she’s started what she calls “junk” blogs at and, just to try some things out. What a great idea! Although makes doesn’t give you the chance to play with your theme very much, you can edit all you want on Blogger. […]

A Wandering Generality Instead of a Meaningful Specific

Tweet Check out this amazing interview with Seth Godin outside of the TED conference. How does one guy touch on so many great ideas in such a short time frame? One of the important points here for journalists I think is the possibilities the web presents to do “your thing” and be the best at […]

At Least The Idea Was Good

Tweet No real tips here, just something I was thinking about tonight that sort of made me chuckle.  Back at the turn of the millennium (isn’t it cool that we can say that?) I was working with a couple of guys on a system to measure and track a web site’s popularity.  What we were […]

Everything I Need to Know About AdSense

Tweet …I learned from this FAQ. Ok, not everything.  A few things that aren’t covered here are topics like ad placement and blending.  Still, this is a great guide if you are just getting started with AdSense and want to make sure your bases are covered as far as complying with Google’s Terms of Service.  […]

Interesting Case for NOT Having a Sitemap

Tweet A while back I wrote a post about the need for having a sitemap to let search engines, especially Google, know that you exist and the contents of your site. I mentioned there one of the biggest advantages was that sitemaps are a great way to get crawled before you’ve actually built up any […]

Newscoma LIVE at ONA Nashville

Tweet Newscoma will be live tweeting today’s Online News Association conference in Nashville, and we’ll have the live feed here along with some other guests tweeters!  Stay tuned to what’s going on at the conference here at NTZ!

More on Google Analytics — Traffic Quality

Tweet The other day I posted a short introduction to Google Analytics along with a couple of ideas about how the information compiled there could be used specifically by journalists. One of the other really cool features (it’s new) in Analytics is the ability to create custom reports. One that I’ve created for some sites […]

Getting Started With Google Analytics

Tweet There are many, MANY packages out there to help you analyze your web traffic.  Google Analytics is one of the most popular and easy to use. It’s also priced right (free!) and integrates really well with Google Adwords to help you measure how well your marketing strategy is working. Why use web analytics? Without […]

A Few Must Haves

Tweet Whenever I’m starting up a new site or project, there are three things I consider before every writing a word of content: A backup strategy An SEO strategy A strategy for dealing with comments/spam As I’ve said before, I LOVE WordPress, and one of the reasons is that it makes all three of these […]

Finally…Let’s Talk About Money

Tweet To be more clear, let’s talk about one of the possibilities of making money on your site–selling text links. There are advantages and disadvantages to text link sales.  I’ll give you a high level overview along with links to some resources to help you get more information so you can make an informed decision. […]


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