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How News Organizations Can Get My Money

Tweet Alternate title:Yet Another Solution to Newspapers’ Problems Media moguls, feel free to take this idea and run with it–I have neither the capital nor the initiative to implement it. Media pundits, feel free to bash this idea. I haven’t seen an idea out there yet that someone hasn’t hated. So the basic idea is […]

Link Narcissism

Tweet One of the most effective things you can do to help optimize your site for search engines is to link to yourself. It’s ok. Everybody does it. There’s no reason for us to feel uncomfortable talking about it. If you’re like me, part of the motivation for self-linking may be that you think a […]

The Hackable Guardian

Tweet These guys are are thinking in the right direction. The Guardian launched what it is calling its Open Platform, a set of content APIs and a collection of datasets. Matt McAlister, head of the Guardian Developer Network, said that the Open Platform was a suite of data and services to allow people to build […]

Changing the RSS Button in the Address Bar

Tweet One of our readers, Megan, asked an excellent question in the comments last week about changing the RSS subscribe button in the Firefox toolbar to point to the feed she’d set up in Feedburner for her WordPress site. Wow…I realized after I figured out what she was asking that I’d never paid much attention […]

What The Numbers Are Trying to Tell You

Tweet Being a guy and a nerd, I’m really into tools, and tech tools especially. I’ve mentioned a couple of times here how much I love analyzing web data and how cool all the tools are that allow this to happen. But I sometimes make the mistake of getting lost in what the data says […]

Do You Really Need FeedBurner?

Tweet Yesterday a friend of mine was setting up a new site, and he had some questions about using FeedBurner. The biggest question for him was why he really needed it. That’s actually a reasonable question considering his WordPress theme already had the RSS subscription buttons to the site’s feed included. Isn’t it easier to […]

Even More on Facebook’s TOS Change

Tweet Trace and I have been involved in a couple of conversations on Twitter over the last couple of days about the Terms of Service change on Facebook. One of the things @russm mentioned is that this whole fiasco was probably the result of someone on the legal team “over-lawyering” without the approval of the […]

WordPress’s “Press This” Feature Giving You a ‘404’?

Tweet I forget sometimes how much I love this nice little feature with WordPress–you can put a “Press This” button in your browser toolbar that will let you post the page you are currently browsing to your blog. I hadn’t used it in a while, but wanted to use it pretty extensively with a new […]

WordPress 2.7.1 Released

Tweet If  you are already running WordPress 2.7, you should see a little message in your dashboard today letting you know that WordPress 2.7.1 has been released. There were 68 issues resolved in this release–none of them security related. One of the really nice things about WordPress 2.7 is the one click update feature.  Previously […]

The Little Icon Thingy? You Can Have One Too!

Tweet I just realized the other day that we’ve been running for about 6 weeks now and hadn’t uploaded our favicon.ico file. That’s the file that lets you put your logo up in the title bar of the browser. See the tiny little lizard reading the tiny little newspaper?  It’s easier to do than you […]


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