From the Journalist Perspective

Blogging: The Modern Day Letter To The Editor

Tweet By Trace Sharp Joe Powell has been a reporter and a blogger. His perspective on this medium can be found at his blog, Cup Of Joe Powell and he has sat on both sides of the aisle. Blogging (and bloggers such as my humble self) in general often remind me of the character of […]

First Impressions From The ONA Forum

Tweet The Online News Association’s conference on Friday at the Freedom Forum in Nashville was not only a wonderful resource regarding the future of where journalism is headed, but in many ways it was a blogger meetup. Remember those words. I can recall going to other journalism conferences where online endeavors were only discussed with […]

Newscoma LIVE at ONA Nashville

Tweet Newscoma will be live tweeting today’s Online News Association conference in Nashville, and we’ll have the live feed here along with some other guests tweeters!  Stay tuned to what’s going on at the conference here at NTZ!

‘If Your Mother Says She Loves You, Check It Out’

Tweet The one thing about citizen journalism which I want to address is that with the title of journalism, there also should be a responsibility on verifying the facts and always err to the side of attribution. Anonymous sources decrease the legitimacy of your information if that’s all you use. I don’t, and have never […]

Are You Commenting?

Tweet Do you give what you want? I heard a blogger say a couple of years ago that every time she got a comment, it was like getting a $20 bill. Bloggers love feedback. It keeps us going. The thing in blogging, no matter if you are a journalist, a knitter or a political writer, […]

Single-Copy Press Runs Up Day After Inauguration

Tweet This week, regardless of political convictions, has been huge for this country. A new president has been sworn in and it’s been very off to see that although the Internet proved invaluable on Tuesday to follow the day’s events, it’s the newspapers who won on Wednesday. Newspapers that saw skyrocketing demand for extra copies […]

Countless Opportunities To Get The Perfect Photograph

Tweet When I started out in newsprint, I used a 35 mm camera. One time, I had a very angry, local  politician (who ultimately went to the pokey for another unrelated incident) grab my camera and expose my film. I was talking with Mike Sechrist about this yesterday and how younger journalists who have been […]

The News Cycle Has Changed

Tweet Lindsey works in art design in the deadwood business. She has written one of the best posts I’ve seen on her love of being in the newspaper business and her fears as she watches the ongoing bad news of her chosen profession. Things are bad. Real, real bad. And they’re not going to get […]

While The One Man Band Played On

Tweet By Kirk Varner With the budget slashing and staff decimations that have hit newsrooms all across the land as 2008 has ended and 2009 has begun, there has been a lot of nervously toned chatter about the rise of the near-mythical “One Man Band” as a panacea to all of the industry’s problems. One […]

The New Normal

Tweet I was trying to shoot a video the other day. You may ask of what and I will tell you because I’m cool that way. It was of my dog. Subject Of My Video Training And, if I’m brutally honest, it wasn’t very good. With that said, I keep taking videos of things. People […]


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