From the Journalist Perspective

Journalism Is Not Dead

Tweet I was watching an online conversation on Twitter yesterday about the NFL players whose boat capsized and the rescue attempt to find them. XarkGirl made the comment that she had told her coworkers in the newsroom that she saw the story break on Twitter (which is were I saw it as well) and their […]

Should News Organizations Consider A Bundle Package?

Tweet Mark Cuban says that the newspaper industry can learn from the cable and satellite industries on paid content. Here is a hard cold fact of the internet age. Any content creator whose sole business is selling their content al a carte will have a hard time surviving. In a world of unlimited digital choice, […]

When Dinosaurs Smoked Cigarettes …

Tweet I’m going to wax nostalgic this morning as I’m wont to do. Back in the days when dinosaurs smoked cigarettes and reporters typed their copy on Royal typewriters, there was basically a time lapse regarding when news was written and when it was delivered. Those days are over. People are twittering from airplane crashes, […]

News In A State Of Emergency?

Tweet Gary Kamiya argues that subsidizing the newspaper industry may be the only way to save the integrity of gritty news coverage. His opinion piece is at Salon. But the real problem isn’t that newspapers may be doomed. I would be severely disheartened if I was forced to abandon my morning ritual of sitting on […]

Just Do It

Tweet In a post written by Scott Karp a year ago, there is some very good information on why journalists should utilize the web. The post is just as timely today as it was when it was written. Karp writes: So here’s the real reason why people like Howard Owens keep encouraging journalists to blog. […]

“Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Tweet Many bloggers, no matter if they are journalists or writing about personal experiences that intrigue them, are afraid of what other people are going to think about their work. Journalists have an edge. They either write or broadcast and put themselves out there. They chose to be critiqued and it was a conscience decision. […]

The Personal Vs. The Professional = Balance

Tweet How far it too far when you live a life online? That is a question that so many people ask themselves. Our private lives and personal lives and what is the balance for our online identities. Rebecca Thorman of Modite talks of this dilemma. Zeus and I have been engaged in phone warfare. Which […]

What Is The Solution? You Tell Us

Tweet By Trace Sharp A journalism great once said these words: Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions. – Edward R. Murrow That one sentence speaks volumes. We live in a time where we hear the buzzwords of the moment. Social networking, media strategists, online gurus and the list goes on. But […]

In Defense Of Memes

Tweet So, there is a movement this week about the dreaded meme and how these things kill kittens and that they are navel gazing. Of course memes are navel gazing. This is the Internet. Memes can be  good for journalists. Not writing them necessarily, but reading them. Jane Devin addressed the issue on Facebook meme’s […]

A City Without A Daily Newspaper

Tweet Patrick Beeson tipped us to this two-part story at NPR about the impact of a city losing their daily newspaper. In cities around the country, such as Atlanta and San Francisco, the major newspaper in town is losing money. Financial analysts say they expect some big dailies to fold, perhaps as soon as this […]


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