June 2009

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WordPress 2.8 – A Quick View of the Highlights

Tweet WordPress 2.8 is rolling out today, and there are several features and enhancements I’m pretty excited about. They keep making my favorite content management tool better and better! Theme Management Drastically Improved We now have functionality similar to that of  plugin management. Now there’s no need to find a theme, download it to your […]

Google, SEOs, and “Intent”

Tweet Here’s a great post by Lisa Barone about what appears to be SEO profiling by Google. Apparently, Google decides whether or not bids to generate links and promote a site are “paid links” based on the intent of the person who started the viral conversation. Who decides the intent? Google of course. And it’s […]

Boston Police Would Tweet A Zombie Attack

Tweet From the irreverant Ron Hogan at PopFi. Are you ready for your daily dose of zombies?  The Boston Police Department has a Twitter feed.  Apparently, they also have a deadpan sense of humor, as evidenced by their response to Will Cady’s question about a potential zombie outbreak in Massachusetts.  Hehehe, I love things like […]

One Day As An Intern

Tweet Frannie Boyle went to work as an intern at The Philadelphia Bulletin. By the end of the day, the paper was gone. So people are saying that print journalism is seeing its last days. I never would have disagreed with that point, but I also never would have thought that I’d actually be standing […]

A Bird’s Eye View Of Journalism

Tweet I’ll let the post at Hot Topics explain and you need to read Jane Singer’s article underneath the information after the announcement of the conference at the link. This August, journalism and mass communication educators from across the globe will gather in Boston to share tips on how to survive and thrive in today’s […]

On Commenting: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Tweet CopyBlogger breaks down utilizing commenting as a marketing technique to drive traffic to your blog. There are examples of good commenting and those that just don’t work. Do you comment?

$2.6 Billion Dollars In Ad Revenue Loss In First Quarter

Tweet Tech Crunch states what we already know: The stats show that total newspaper ad sales dropped by an unprecedented 28.28% in the first quarter of 2009, a deep plunge that represents a loss of more than $2.6 billion in ad revenue compared year-over-year. Compared to 3 years ago – 2006 was a pretty good […]

First Thoughts Of An Unemployed Journalist

Tweet Your kind and gentle hostess here at NewTechZilla has taken a bit of time off from our endeavor here because the inevitable finally happened. I was downsized at my newspaper and according to my publishers, it came down to money. Scott was very kind in letting me go through the six degrees of seperation […]


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