February 2009

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What The Numbers Are Trying to Tell You

Tweet Being a guy and a nerd, I’m really into tools, and tech tools especially. I’ve mentioned a couple of times here how much I love analyzing web data and how cool all the tools are that allow this to happen. But I sometimes make the mistake of getting lost in what the data says […]

Who’s Watching The Watchdogs?

Tweet By Dan Conover Goose a few newspaper journalists these days and they’re likely to exclaim something about why Americans should care about saving their industry. And it’s likely to sound something like this: “Without us protecting the public as investigative watchdogs, government corruption is going to run amok!” Which might be a compelling point, […]

Find Your Niche

Tweet Forget about being an A-List blogger because that’s been done. The key is finding your niche. Blogging is a lot like high school… have you noticed? There are the popular kids (A-list), class rank (Technorati) and endless other clique rankings (Ad Age Power 150, Techmeme Leaderboard, Cat Blogging Superstars, etc.). All of this makes […]

Should News Organizations Consider A Bundle Package?

Tweet Mark Cuban says that the newspaper industry can learn from the cable and satellite industries on paid content. Here is a hard cold fact of the internet age. Any content creator whose sole business is selling their content al a carte will have a hard time surviving. In a world of unlimited digital choice, […]

Minnesota Newspapers Receive Grant For Retraining Journalists

Tweet This is very interesting and I have to say that it’s the first time I’ve heard of something of this nature. For the first time in Minnesota — and perhaps in the nation — a journalism school has received a grant to help two daily newspapers adapt their products to an increasingly Internet-based industry. […]

Do You Really Need FeedBurner?

Tweet Yesterday a friend of mine was setting up a new site, and he had some questions about using FeedBurner. The biggest question for him was why he really needed it. That’s actually a reasonable question considering his WordPress theme already had the RSS subscription buttons to the site’s feed included. Isn’t it easier to […]

Eight Ways To Get Into Your Google Account

Tweet GMail has been suffering outages for the past few hours. If you are still having problems, don’t worry, it’s not you. If you are still having trouble getting to your email, here are eight ways to work around the issue from the Google System Blog.

Online Community Management 101

Tweet Julie Starr from Evolving Newsroom has a great list regarding some basics about a news site and also about blogging in general. From managing privacy policies to terms of service, her list has it. One item that sometimes mades new bloggers hesitant are trolls. These off-topic comments can be disruptive to an online conversation, […]

AP Antiquity

Tweet In keeping with Trace’s post earlier today… In 1918, “hot news” traveled by mail and telegraph. It could last hours or even days. Today, a true scoop lasts for about a minute. The AP would have to show instances of articles where not only the AP broke the news, but was the only outlet […]

When Dinosaurs Smoked Cigarettes …

Tweet I’m going to wax nostalgic this morning as I’m wont to do. Back in the days when dinosaurs smoked cigarettes and reporters typed their copy on Royal typewriters, there was basically a time lapse regarding when news was written and when it was delivered. Those days are over. People are twittering from airplane crashes, […]


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