January 2009

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You’re Having Problems With Feedburner This Week Too?

Tweet You are not alone… Google is in the process of making all FeedBurner users migrate over to its servers. One can only hope that will end these recurring issues, but there’s little reason to believe that will be the case. After all, the migration process itself created an error the other day, one that […]

How To Make Blogging Pay

Tweet I’m not even going to do a pull quote here. Just go read Katie Allison Granju’s blog right now.

Definition For A Citizen Journalist

Tweet Ron Sylvester finds a very good definition for a citizen journalist: The business of big media is watching their stocks fall, while watching the rise of citizen journalists. But what is a citizen journalist, and what makes them different from professional journalists. Even SPJ, the largest organization of professional journalists, struggles for that definition. […]

A Few Must Haves

Tweet Whenever I’m starting up a new site or project, there are three things I consider before every writing a word of content: A backup strategy An SEO strategy A strategy for dealing with comments/spam As I’ve said before, I LOVE WordPress, and one of the reasons is that it makes all three of these […]

Music In Nonfiction: Crutch Or Crucial?

Tweet By Christopher Ave I  was talking to a colleague not long ago about potentially adding music to a journalistic photo slideshow. “I think music is too often used as a crutch,” he said, suggesting that perhaps a recent video about a juggler might have been a more appropriate project for background music. Is he […]

Big News From Twitter

Tweet Here you go: Twitter is just about to make the biggest shift in its short history by integrating its search functions into the home pages of users. Until now if users wanted to search the outpouring of updates or “tweets”, say for updates about a stock price or football team or a hotel, they […]


Tweet We need to be watching this. When The Boston Globe launched a hyperlocal news site for suburban Newton in November, the paper seemed like a late adopter of an already common practice: aggregating articles, blog posts, and other content about Newton from a variety of sources across the web. No big deal. Instead, the […]

Jay Mariotti On Why He Got Out Of Newsprint

Tweet Ron Hogan , who is the owner of Pop Fidelity, sent me this interview at Real Clear Sports with Jay Mariotti. Mariotti has a lot of opinions about the newspaper industry, why he left the Chicago Sun-Times after 17 years and what he plans on doing in the future. Mariotti’s departure has other Sun-Times […]

Are You Commenting?

Tweet Do you give what you want? I heard a blogger say a couple of years ago that every time she got a comment, it was like getting a $20 bill. Bloggers love feedback. It keeps us going. The thing in blogging, no matter if you are a journalist, a knitter or a political writer, […]

Why Is The Internet Bad For Newspapers?

Tweet Nathan Baker has a question. Why is the Internet bad for Journalism? If you totally disagree, I get it. I did too, till I started thinking about it. If you are lost, here is what I’m looking for: BAD ANSWER “Newspapers are dying.” False. The Internet is “changing” newspapers. GOOD ANSWER “The lack of […]


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