January 2009

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One More Day To Register For ONA Conference

Tweet Several bigwigs in online news journalism will be holding a seminar in Nashville on Friday at Vanderbilt. Jack Lail, Christian Grantham, Michael Silence, Katie Allison Granju, Rex Hammock, Tammi Marcoullier, John Carney, Mike Sechrist, Patrick Beeson and others will be talking about the future of journalism. The keynote speaker will be Janet Coats, who […]

The Cool Kids Use Their Thumbs

Tweet If I felt old before, I feel old now. A friend of mind pointed this out to me. Thumbs are the new index fingers. If you’re over 30, you’ll probably press a doorbell with your index finger, while anyone under 30 may well use their thumb. That’s because they’ve spent so much time flexing […]

Did Twitter Make You Quit Blogging?

Tweet There is a lot of talk about Twitter over at NTZ these days. Mainly because it is in the news. And here is the question?  Has Twitter impaired your blogging? Are you using Twitter as an RSS feed? Mark Evans asks and pontificates quite eloquently. My sense is Twitter is emerging as a vibrant […]

Getting Started With Google Analytics

Tweet There are many, MANY packages out there to help you analyze your web traffic.  Google Analytics is one of the most popular and easy to use. It’s also priced right (free!) and integrates really well with Google Adwords to help you measure how well your marketing strategy is working. Why use web analytics? Without […]

Twitter Valuation

Tweet This is something all of us might want to watch. This is a post from Jeremiah Owyang regarding Twitter valuation. Last week, when I visited the smooth Twitter offices in SF, I asked them about official registered users and they commented “they don’t give out those numbers”, as it would benefit others more than […]

Buried In A Sea Of E-mails

Tweet By John Carney Am I the only small-town newspaper person swamped with useless e-mail? I imagine I’m not. The Shelbyville Times-Gazette is a daily (Sunday-Friday) newspaper serving a rural community in southern Middle Tennessee. We’re pretty locally-oriented, and most of what we run that isn’t directly connected to Bedford County comes either from AP […]

Wired Gives A Bad Review For Technology In The White House

Tweet The Wired Blog Network says it’s more tired than wired. What say you? As I’m the NewsZilla portion of this blog, I’ll let you guys (and Sadcox) take this one.

How To Destroy Your Twitter Brand

Tweet How to destroy your Twitter brand within seconds is being discussed on Mashable. This is not something you want to do if you are trying to build your online presence. Walk away from the computer if you are angry might be the best advice to follow. Read the whole thing here. And, remember, these […]

A PDF For The Low, Low Price Of $19.99

Tweet I couldn’t agree with the Recovering Journalist more. A few months ago, after U.S. News & World Report announced that it was going to end its weekly (er, bi-weekly) print edition and move to a Web-first publishing model, accompanied by monthly print special editions, I had coffee with a couple of the magazine’s top […]

Where’d The Cool Badge Come From?

Tweet We had a reader ask a question about where to find the nice “Follow Me On Twitter” button we’re using in the sidebar… I got it from a post I found which features 181 cool Twitter logos.  Go there and find something nice!  I’m graphics-disabled, so I love finding these type resources!


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